Fantastic kids’ baking items for under ₹1000

Fantastic kids’ baking items for under ₹1000 Cover Image

This list of baking items for kids all cost less than Rs.1000 and are so tempting! They make a great set of gifting ideas too this season.

Christmas is coming up and it’s a perfect time to cake, bake and have a blast in the kitchen. If your children love cooking, then try these fantastic cooking and baking items and accessories. Fire up the oven, get out those chefs’ hats, put on the mitts, because it’s about to get warm and toasty in here.

Baking items are no longer difficult to source these days, thanks to the wonders of shopping from the comfort of home. Christmas isn’t the same without the fragrance of cookies, cakes, scones and gingerbread filling the home. Wouldn’t you agree? So don’t wait. Open up that browser tab, make your shopping list and get clicking!

Best Baking Items for Christmas that you can buy online


1. Aprons

Nothing like aprons to look and feel like a little chef!

Order Now for ₹455/-


2. Baking cutters

Snowmen, trees, bells and gingerbread men, these cutters are perfect for Christmas!

Order Now for ₹550/-


3. Baking grease-proof paper

The kids will love to present their creations on these gorgeous doilies!

Order Now for ₹618.49/-


4. Cake scrapers

Your kids can perfect the finish on their cakes by using these scrapers, a fantastic decorating tool.

Order Now for ₹175/-


5. Cake stencils

Here’s a treat — your child can make pretty patterns on their cakes. From Christmas trees and stars to smiley faces and panda bear shapes, these stencils can also be used in hot chocolate, coffee and other beverages to create fun patterns!

Order Now for ₹152/-


6. Chef cap & dress

Forget kids, even adults would want to dress up as a Chef after they see this costume.

Order Now for ₹699/-


7. Cookie cutters

You and your children can make cookies in different shapes with these beautiful cutters!

Order Now for ₹209/-


8. Cupcake moulds

Make star-shaped muffins or cupcakes with these delightful moulds.

Order Now for ₹189/-


9. Icing smoother

The kids can make fun and intricate designs with these sculpting tools.

Order Now for ₹189/-


10. Measuring cups

These cups are perfect for kids to understand measurements!

Order Now for ₹249/-


11. Measuring spoons

Pretty measuring spoons for cooking and baking, which the kids will adore!

Order Now for ₹219/-


12. Mixing bowls

Mix, mix, mix those ingredients in these colorful mixing bowls!

Order Now for ₹340/-


13. Moulds for cake

Kids will fall in love with these pretty and effective full cake moulds!

Order Now for ₹265/-

14. Moulds for cupcakes baking_cupcakes

Kids can use these moulds to make superb cupcakes!

Order Now for ₹299/-


15. Moulds – animals

Adorable little bear moulds, perfect to make bear-shaped sandwiches or cakes!

Order Now ₹250/-


16. Oil brush

Perfect for applying oil when making cakes or pastries!

Order Now for ₹299/-


17. Palette Knife

This plastic knife and peeler set is perfect for kids who want to cut food just like we do!

Order now for ₹449/-


18. Parchment paper

Your kids can use this paper to line baking trays or use them to wrap bakes and treats.

Order Now for ₹349/-


19. Pop-up cutters

Just push, pop and create with these fun shapes! Kids will have a blast making fruit arrangements, sandwiches, platters, carvings and more.

Order Now for ₹239/-


20. Rolling pins

Which child doesn’t love using rolling pins? These colorful and embossed ones make rolling so much fun.

Order Now for ₹399/-


21. Scale

How we wish we could be little bakers too! This beautiful kitchen weighing scale is a great way to teach children about weights and measures.

Order Now for ₹599/-


22. Spatula

The kids will love these eco-friendly and safe to use spatulas.

Order Now for ₹275/-


23. Whisk

One of our favorite baking utensils, the kids will love to stirr, beat and froth eggs and much more with these fun whisks.

Order Now for ₹349/-

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