30 Indoor activities for kids on a rainy day

30 Indoor activities for kids on a rainy day Cover Image

Being cooped up with energetic kids indoors on rainy days can put a strain on the nerves. These 30 activity ideas will help you tide over days when the outdoors is off limits.

The rains are finally here marking the end of the scorching heat we were subjected to this summer. But this also means having to keep your child occupied with indoor activities. With our list of creative and fun indoor activities for kids, you’ll have more than your share of merriment.

Colouring Activities for Kids

1. Ready to add some colour to your festive celebrations or even everyday life? Check out these amazing Ramayana colouring pages for kids! Don’t wait. Download them today!

Ramayana colouring pages that are just EPIC!

2. Intrigued or enamoured by Zentangle? We present to you the “A-Z” printables of this lovely art form for your kids. Colour away and let the creativity flow!


Zentangle art where kids can show their creativity

3. The world of Indian folk art is as diverse as it is beautiful. From Madhubani in the east to Warli in the west, there’s so much to explore and enjoy. Check out this article to find out more about fascinating folk art forms!

Indian Folk Art

Have fun with Indian Folk Art

Entertainment 101

4. Nostalgia, friendship, family bonds, adventure, magic, cool characters and more – now that’s what animated movies are all about and this list of 31 upcoming animation flicks in 2021 should definitely be on your watch list. Movie night is going to get a super exciting with these films…read on!

Binge on an animated movie marathon!

5. If you haven’t introduced your kids to podcasts, here are 6 wonderful reasons to do so right now!

Podcasts for Kids

One-way ticket to podcast paradise

6. Listening brings in a whole new dimension to literature. Here are 12 amazing audiobooks for children.

Audio Books for kids

Tune into amazing audiobooks

Fun Things To Do At Home

7. Who doesn’t love a picnic? And since going outdoors is still limited, having a picnic seems a little far-fetched, right? Hold on to the thought, because here’s how you can turn a happy day out into a happy day in. This stay-at-home picnic idea for the whole family is easy, fun and a great way to make beautiful new memories…all while staying at home. Read on for the full details!

Plan a picnic at home!

8. Who doesn’t love a little tent at home? With fairy lights and fun – a fortress of imagination and adventure. Luckily, Anjali Nair is here to tell you that making a DIY tent at home for the kids (and you) is simple and fun. The following steps should do the needful and more. Read on to know full details.

Build a tent and bring the party indoors!

9. Photographing children isn’t easy but incredibly rewarding, especially when you hold the perfect picture in your hand and you can share it with your family and friends.

Click! Click! Learn to take the perfect picture!

10. Vocabulary plays an integral role in almost everything be it reading, talking, building confidence, personality and so on. It helps in navigating our life in a better way in all aspects. Having said there is no particular age to start off…in fact, earlier the better as one learns more with time. So, how to go about it? Read on and find out!

Have fun with vocabulary – build & learn!

11. Wondering how to keep your kids occupied indoors? These 5 fun activities will definitely make things interesting! Take a treat and turn it into a “Gem of a Game”, think outside the box with magic, make lovely bookmarks with your little readers, break the ice and have a gala time with art! All these right from the comfort and safety of your homes…so, if you want to know more, then you’ll just have to read on.

Bring the fun indoors with these 5 activities!

12. Using phonics to teach your child to read is the first step to making them independent readers. See how CVC words can help build their confidence at the outset.

CVC words, Phonics, helping kids read, Greshma

Begin your kid’s journey as an independent reader with these Phonics activities

13. When we learn to pay attention to our breath, it can tell us something about how we are feeling. With this awareness we can discover the capacity of using our breath for all situations.

Yoga Asanas for children

Have a Yoga-Day in!

14. While you teach your kid about the social norms and guide them through their life, it’s important that you also teach them about the importance of money and how to value it. Here are a few lessons you can teach them very early on.

Money lessons

Make your kids money-wise!

15. It’s very easy to teach a child to write/recite 1 to 100 by rote learning. But, trust that’s not the most crucial thing. Rather, it’s important for a child to understand quantity, estimation and other mathematical concepts along with each number. Ideally, they should have fun while doing it.

Greshma Momaya, number counting fun, BuzzingBubs

1,2,3,4, make counting fun and more!

Games Galore

16. Here are 60 board games that will put the FUN (and learning) in family time! All you need to do is read the article for the full list. Get, Set, GO!

60 Best Board Games for Kids & Families

Take family game nights to the next level with these board games!

17. We may not realise it, but concentrating is harder than it seems! Here is a wonderful list of 12 mind games for kids that will help improve to concentrate and remember. It works great on both children and adults alike!

12 Brain Games for kids to improve concentration

Brain games ON – try these out to improve your kids’ concentration!

18. Playing card games has many benefits. It helps the kids improve their dexterity and hand-eye coordination among other reasons. Did you know that just the action of holding the cards in their little hands can work wonders for your little ones’ fine motor skills? Well, it does and there’s more!

Exciting card games that are bound to beat the blues!

Art & Craft and DIY

19. The world around us is so delightful; all we need to do is look! Go on take that walk in the open and let your imagination do the rest!

Craft with nature!

20. When was the last time you walked down to the post-office to send out a letter? Snail-mails, while not so relevant in today’s world of instant messaging, can be a lot of fun, and is still a great way to teach children the concept of communication.


Build your own letterbox!

21. Make these Montessori sound boxes at home and watch your toddler have great fun with the interesting sounds he hears as he shakes the cylinder!


Make it musical with the DIY sound box

22. Most parents complain that their kids have too many toys. Yet, kids want more! Read this article for great ideas on how to make toys at home! Reuse, recycle and enjoy.

9 Amazing Toys to Make for your Kids at home

DIY toys that will make you reduce, reuse, recycle!

23. If you have a large collection of seashells from your recent holiday to the beach, here is a wonderful way to use your loot. Indulge in seashell craft with these fun, simple and innovative DIY ideas. Make your own seashell animal buddies and flaunt them at home or school.

Indulge in seashell craft with these fun DIY ideas

24. Parents of toddlers cannot escape buying this kit at some point in time. It’s colourful, safe, and an absolute delight in kids’ hands. Get innovative and try making unique creations out of play dough.

Get innovative with Play Dough!

Exciting Foods & Recipes

25. When healthy food is delicious, you hit two birds with one stone! Try these easy smoothie recipes at home for your kids today and watch them grow strong and healthy.

Smoothies Recipe for Kids

Jump on board the Smoothie train and try these delicious recipes!

26. A splash of this and a sprinkling of that, a dash of this and a dollop of that – cooking is fun but when you get your kids involved in the kitchen it becomes so much more! From motor skills and hand-eye coordination to decision making, cooking teaches the young ones a lot of important things. And to get them started, here are some great cookbooks your little MasterChef can explore!

Cooking with kids

Get your kids cooking with these cookbooks for kids!

27. Everyone loves cookies and it’s especially a huge hit with the kids! Get together with your kids and bake these delicious treats. Follow this easy recipe for kids and enjoy these healthy cookies!

Chocolate Almond Cookies Recipe for kids

Cookies for the win – it’s time to bake with your kids!

Book Recommendations

28. When the days get longer and the sun shines warmer, you know that the summer vacations are round the corner. And as you gear up for those endless summer days, may we give you suggestions on a fantastic reading list to explore for your young reader!

children's picture books

Cozy up with these award-winning books for kids

29. A lovely activity that includes two favourite things – to read and to draw. Check this blog post on Pinterest and get your kids involved.

You can now make your book and read it too!

30. Our extended time at home can be a bit overwhelming for everyone…but nothing that a delicious dessert can’t fix! Easy, with readily available ingredients at home and absolutely delicious, these ice-cream recipes are super cool! Here’s how to make them at home with kids.

Going Bananas over these DIY Ice Cream

Now, won’t you agree we’ve a full-house of creative ideas here to help you tide over rainy days? We’d be thrilled to add in your suggestions and ideas to this list. Let the comments pour!

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