Indian Independence Day Activities for Kids this Independence Day!

Indian Independence Day Activities for Kids this Independence Day! Cover Image

This Independence Day, celebrate the love for Incredible India by doing these fun activities with your kids! Read on for the full list.

Independence Day is just around the corner and this year we will be celebrating the 75th year of being independent…and, boy, do we have a list of fun things for you and your kids to do! Start the day by sharing a few interesting facts with your little ones about India’s Independence that will help them understand the struggles for attaining Independence and respect their nation. Then take the celebrations into high gear with engaging and fun activities that can be done together as a family!

Check out these 11 facts and 12 cool ideas on how you can make this Independence Day enjoyable and meaningful.

Know these 11 Interesting facts about India

  1. Did you know that when India became Independent it had no national anthem. ‘Jana Gana Mana’  was first sung by Rabindranath Tagore, in 1911 and was declared the national anthem in 1950.
  2. At the time of Independence, India did not have a prime minister, president or even a government. The Governor General was the most important and powerful person then!
  3. The prime minister, president and government were only established after India became a Republic Nation.
  4. Did you know that India shares the date ’15th August’, with 5 other countries that celebrate Independence Day (though they all achieved this in different years). The 5 countries are – Bahrain, North Korea, Congo, Liechtenstein and South Korea.
  5. Goa, one of our favourite holiday destinations today, was a Portuguese colony initially and only became part of India in 1961.
  6. The Father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, was so upset with all the violence all around him due to the partition that he did not take part in the celebration of India’s Independence, instead he went on a hunger strike so that people would stop killing each other.
  7. Did you know ‘India‘ got its name from the River Indus!
  8. India is known as ‘Bharat Ganarajya‘ in Sanskrit. That is why the country is popularly called ‘Bharat‘ in Hindi.
  9. Although India became independent on July 18th, 1947, Lord Mountbatten declared 15th August as the date of Independence.
  10. The Indian national flag is a tri-coloured flag with an Ashok Chakra in the middle. The top most Saffron strip signifies sacrifice and bravery, the middle White strip stands for truth, peace and purity and the Green colour signifies fertility, faith and valour. The Ashok Chakra implies righteousness.
  11. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was India’s first Prime Minister. His jacket became so popular that is was known as the ‘Nehru jacket’.

12 Independence Day activities for Kids

1. Flag hoisting

Independence Day flag hoisting

Every year on Independence Day, the PM hoists the Indian flat at the Red Fort. This year, why not try doing the same with your kids! It’s a great way to make them feel proud of our country and this activity can be done with other kids in the community as well, which brings in a sense of togetherness.

2. Journey back to the joys of Independence Day in the early years

It’s a great opportunity for your kids to learn more about the topic and learn from our forefathers who sacrificed so much to make sure we reaped the benefits of being Independent years later. So, parents, check out this article with your kids and help keep those memories and stories alive and get a little bit of a history lesson in as well.

Read more

3. Do a Little Drama

Another fun activity to do with kids on Independence day is to organise plays or skits with them. Get a group of little acting enthusiasts together and bring to life some of the most celebrates stories and moments related to India’s independence. It’ll be a lot of fun dressing up the kids as some our most well known freedom fighters as well!

Independence Day skit and play

Image credit: Lucknow Public School

4. Fancy Dress competition

patriotic costumes

Organise a fun fancy dress competition in your apartment complex and/or communities. Dress up the kids into famous Indian leaders that they relate to and watch them strut the runway and learn at the same time! P.S. if you’re looking for a place to rent costumes from for this occasion, is the one!

Image credit:

5. Discover the essence of Independence with books

Independence Day books

Reading is always one of the best things one can do with kids! It helps them understand the topic at hand more and it gives their imagination a huge boost. So, why not dig deep into some memorable books this Independence Day with your kids to help them understand the essence of what independence means to them and how they can be more independent. This booklist is the perfect place to start!

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6. Independence Day theme party

Independence Day celebrations

Independence Day is a day for celebration and the ideal opportunity for you to decorate your home, or common area in your community with tri -coloured balloons, Indian flags and more. Get the kids involved and watch them have a blast!

Image credit : Freepik

7. Sing along to patriotic songs

patriotic song

Why not celebrate with a beat and a tune this Independence Day! Check out this playlist created just for the fam comprising some of the most popular songs for the day. There are some classic hits in there.

Download Song List


8. Watch patriotic movies

patriotic movies

Binge watch a list of interesting patriotic movies with your family! Happy Independence Day indeed.

Download Movie List


9. Cute craft ideas

Independence Day craft activity

Time to get your craft on! These DIY craft ideas that you can do with your kids are perfect for Independence Day and can easily be made with things that can be found at home or even in your backyard. Click here to view the full list of cute craft ideas that you can DIY with your kids.


10. Bake some Independence Day treats

Tricolour eggless lemon cupcakes, Recipes

Baking is bae and when you get to do it with kids, it becomes a super fun activity. So, this Independence Day, why not pull out your baker’s hats and try your hand at making these delicious tri-coloured eggless Lemon cupcakes with yummy buttercream. Kids will love it, adults will love it and it’s a great way to bring in the celebrations.

11. Add a bit of colour to the celebrations

Drawing and painting are great activities to do with kids (as a group or even individually) and to commemorate Independence Day, you can download these printable drawing sheets and bring them to life with colours! Let your kids have a creative field day with this one as they create masterpieces that can be framed for the home or even be gifted to people as well. Check out the downloadable colouring sheets here.

12. Quiz and puzzles

No holiday is complete without some games that you can play with friends and family – and we have curated a super fun list of these as well. Below are some easy and entertaining quizzes, games, puzzles and crosswords that you can enjoy this Independence Day. All you need to do is download and start playing! Click here for the list.

These fun activities are sure to make your Independence Day full of fun and happiness. Try them and don’t forget to share your thoughts, drawing, baking & DIY craft pictures! Happy 75th Independence Day everyone.

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