Importance of ‘Mastering the Art of Penmanship’ for today, tomorrow & the future of our kids

Importance of ‘Mastering the Art of Penmanship’ for today, tomorrow & the future of our kids Cover Image

Parents, when was the last time your kids put pen to paper?
The act of writing has changed over the years. The way it was for us, is not the same for our kids. But what remains constant is its importance. This article explains why the skill of writing by hand which we call ‘penmanship’ is required, what its benefits are and how it benefits your children’s learning process. Read on.

Of the many things that we learnt growing up, good handwriting had its own importance and what we find is that it continues to be relevant. Whether for taking notes or penning down our thoughts or to just pen a to-do list, how well we write it down does play its own part in our day-to-day lives and it still continues to do so. In the digital age however, our kids today seem to have lost touch with it. 

Handwriting is not just “good’ and “bad”; it is much more than that. Penmanship for each of us is unique and shapes our natural learning process. How our kids put pen to paper and actually write is a specific skill that plays its part in their holistic growth and development. Getting them to practice handwriting from an early age is necessary. Here’s why.  

Identifying the need of handwriting in the digital era

In our predominantly digital world, everything has acquired a digital aspect. From entertainment to education, it’s all about the “QWERTY” and less about the “ABCDEFG”. While this enables the dissemination of information, what it takes away is the art of formation of letters from our children.

It is important to understand that while home-school over ZOOM may be the need of the hour, it is not the long-term solution. While the pandemic has forced us, and especially the children to adapt, it has certainly resulted in behavioural changes and developmental challenges. Kids today find it easier to take screenshots than taking down notes on paper while learning new concepts. While that may be easier, the question remains: is it helping your kids with their hand-and-mind coordination, their motor skills and finger movements? Is it helping them with their recall abilities and is it engaging all their senses?

Why mastering penmanship is important for kids

The answer to the above questions is rhetoric and that is why picking up a pen/pencil and actually writing by hand is so essential for kids. Writing by hand is not just important for the immediate needs of kids today, but it is important to shape them into fully functional adults of the future.  

The Indian education system continues to require students to write rather than type as of today. At higher academic levels and in examinations they will still be required to pen down their responses on paper and in that stage, would require them to be in a comfortable space to write with ease to communicate well.

In fact, the more our kids write, the more they will be able to avoid developing learning challenges like “Dysgraphia” – the condition where kids are unable to accurately translate thoughts onto paper. This includes improper sentence formation and spelling errors that result in incomplete communication – simply because their mind and fingers are not in the same space at the same time or the “Writer’s Cramp” – which is a loss of coordination between the hand and mind. This may include unexpected vibrations while writing, sweaty hands and dragging of pen over paper. Though we may not be aware of such issues presently, these possibilities exist and the solution to all these, parents, lies in retaining the habit of writing regularly and mastering what we call ‘penmanship’. 

Benefits of Mastering Penmanship

Handwriting allows the brain to be stimulated in a different way when compared to operating screens. It is a great way for all the senses to come together and interact with each other resulting in delivery of fully formed, complete sentences that have been thought through. This also allows for better finger flexion and handwriting improvement. 

The act of writing also helps kids with their recall abilities and visual memory, thereby making them more alert and aware (skills that will forever be important in every stage of their future life). Mastering penmanship also helps kids to become proficient with new skills like speed writing – with a perfect combination of legibility and comprehension. 

The Mastering Penmanship Program by Imran Baig

The ‘Penmanship Influencer’ Imran Baig, has put together a uniquely designed 3-day power packed workshop – where kids will discover unique aspects of handwriting and how they can improve upon it. In this interactive workshop, kid will be taught the science behind choosing a right pen or pencil, learn hand exercises for stress free writing and finger flexion exercises for speed writing, explore the ergonomics of writing – like the scientific positioning of the body while writing, the distance between the table and the chair, the angle at which the notebook/paper should be aligned and much more. 

The ‘Mastering Penmanship Workshop’ is designed to help your kids grow into fully realised individuals. Important and common issues like lack of interest in writing and experiencing pain after writing a few lines are addressed to help kids to make the penmanship journey easy. Students will also learn to evaluate their own handwriting to understand which of the 5 elements are present in their handwriting and what needs to be improvised upon. Each participant of the workshop will also receive a personalised handwriting evaluation report from the team.

While we are living in a digitally enhanced world, we may think that the common way of life like putting pen to paper may disappear- but it is very unlikely to happen. Need for handwriting is here to stay, and penmanship will always be a skill that would be called upon in various stages of life. 

So, parents, now is the time to let your kids master penmanship like never before so that they can always stay ahead of the curve…and while they’re at it, don’t forget to pick up a pen yourself and set an example! 

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