3 Easy ways to include vegetables in lunch boxes for kids

3 Easy ways to include vegetables in lunch boxes for kids Cover Image

At your wits end to make your growing child eat nutritious food without a fuss? Try these easy recipes and watch your kids devour them just like that!

Haven’t we all struggled with coaxing our kids to eat vegetables only to be met with protests and tears? How about camouflaging the veggies within some delicious rolls, paranthas or even rice!

These 3 recipes are extremely healthy and sneak in the goodness of greens effortlessly. Do try them out and let us know how you (your kids) liked them.

Veggie overload theme: Include vegetables in lunch boxes the easy way

1. Cheesy pesto veggie stuffed Quesadilla


Preparation steps for the pesto

1. Wash basil and parsley and let it fan dry on a clean kitchen towel to remove the excess water.
2. Grind all ingredients in a blender into a paste.

Preparation steps for the veggie stuffing

1. Heat butter in a pan
2. Add onions, sautee until pink, add other veggies and season with pepper and salt.
3. Cook on a low flame for 3 to 4 mins.

Preparation steps for the quesadilla or parathas

1. Knead regular chapati dough.
2. Make equal balls of dough
3. Flatten to make medium sized circle
4. Heat tava, roast with ghee to make parathas.
5. Spread pesto, grated cheese and big spoonful of veggies on half of the paratha
6. Fold the other half and press it gently
7. You may grill in a sandwich toaster to make it crisp. (optional)
8. Cut into 2 halves and serve.

2. Besani Methi Stuffed Paratha


Preparation for the stuffing

1. Heat oil in kadhai; add hing, ajwain, jeera and let them splatter
2. Add besan and roast it until golden brown at low flame
3. Add all spices except Amchoor
4. Add methi and mix well for around 3-4 mins
5. The stuffing should be at room temperature
6. Prepare chapati dough
7. Roll the medium sized dough ball and put spoonful of methi besan stuffing and close without leaving any gaps and flatten them with rolling pin. Use dry flour for rolling
8. In a hot tava, pan roast using ghee or oil as desired and parathas are ready
* Tastes awesome with curd and Aam ki Chutni or Chunda

3. Veggie loaded Pulao with a hint of Kasuri Methi (dry methi powder)


 Preparation for the Veggie loaded Pulao

1. Wash and soak rice for 15 mins.
2. In a pressure cooker, heat ghee, add whole spices, jeera and let them splatter
3. Add ginger garlic paste and onions. Saute till golden brown
4. Add all veggies and ground spices, dry methi and stir them well
5. Add rice and water
6. Pressure cook for 3 to 4 mins. Turn of the gas and release pressure after 5 minutes to make sure rice doesn’t get too soft.
7. Serve with cucumber raita.

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