How to plan a perfect picnic at home with family!

How to plan a perfect picnic at home with family! Cover Image

Who doesn’t love a picnic? And since going outdoors is still limited, having a picnic seems a little far-fetched, right? Hold on to the thought, because here’s how you can turn a happy day out into a happy day in. This stay-at-home picnic idea for the whole family is easy, fun and a great way to make beautiful new memories…all while staying at home. Read on for the full details!

A picnic is a state of mind. It can be done anywhere! Happiness is doing a picnic at home. Yes, you heard it right. The lockdown period has made all of us realise that a lot of things can be done at home. We always try to find happiness in fancy and complicated things. We wander around in search of it, not realising it could be right in front of us. With these thoughts we planned for a nice little picnic at home. The joy, the memory, the togetherness, the fun, the bond, the smiles that it brought knew no bounds.

So, based on my experience, follow these tips and make your picnic more organised and interesting.

Get the picnic mood on

To start off, get the picnic mood on. Talk about it to your little ones a couple of days prior, make them feel excited about the same. Include them in the planning, like what needs to be packed – games, books, speakers for music and so on. Have them pack their stuff and also decide on their outfits for the picnic day. My little one had his suitcase packed all by himself with a few books, toy cars and board games in it. He loved the idea of a picnic and was super excited.

Select a place to have the picnic

Select a place to have the picnic – preferably a bright light space like balcony. Ideally where you can also play your board games. Give it a bit of a makeover a day before the picnic with some plants and cushions around, it’ll make it look more cozy along with a basket of treats like cookies and a nice seating. We chose our balcony, that being our favourite place at home.

Plan the food menu

Plan the food menu for lunch and snacks well in advance so that it becomes easier for the day. Again have your kids contribute in the planning as it is a great idea to make them feel special and that their thoughts are important. My little one insisted on sandwich for the snack which was a smart choice I felt.

Create a simple tent as a reading corner

To make it more exciting create a simple tent that would make kids feel warm and snug. Have it as a reading corner followed by a quick nap.

Snack Time = Family Time

Plan to make the evening snack a team activity like making sandwiches or a fruit salad, where your little ones can help. For this, keep a table ready at a convenient place. Check out some fun recipes that kids will love!

There you go, all set for picnic day! Don’t forget to keep a board saying Picnic day as that would add fun to the story when you click pictures as I did. Have the music on, play together, snack together, have lots of fun and I am sure this will turn out to be a beautiful experience. My little one has already been waiting for his next picnic.

“ Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realise they were the big things.” – Kurt Vonnegut


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