Recycled DIY Coasters that are perfect for your home!

Recycled DIY Coasters that are perfect for your home! Cover Image

A step-by-step guide to making the coolest, most amazing coasters right at home! It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s all about recycling. So, savour this special moment and get into something that you’ll love doing with your kids. Read the article for directions!

Cardboard, paint and creativity – that’s all you need to make these awesome DIY coasters. It’s the perfect weekend activity with your kids and the steps are not only easy they’re super engaging as well. Bonus – you get to make these with recycled cardboard boxes…check it out!

Step by step instructions to make amazing Coasters

Step 1

Cut the cardboard box in 4X4 inch squares. You will need 8 such squares.

Step 2

Stick two squares together and cover the corners with jute thread.

Step 3

Follow the merging technique by using any two colors to paint the coasters. Follow the steps shown in the below pictures and you’re home!

Step 4

After the paint has dried, use the markers to make geometrical figures. Get creative – use buttons to do the face and/or the head.

Step 5

Here’s where you unleash the inner artist in you – think out of the box and make different patterns in the coaster. Get, set, go!

Here’s a toast to DIY coasters. They’ll brighten up your home and they make great gifts as well. So, now that you know all the steps…you just got to go and make them. Have fun!

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