How to make Ganesha from paper at home

How to make Ganesha from paper at home Cover Image

You’ve made him out of clay, now it’s time to make your very own little Ganesha out of paper! By using material easily available at home, these DIY paper made Ganesha ideas will be an instant hit with everyone!

Step by step instructions for making a paper Ganesha at home

Step 1

Pull out some old magazines, scissors, glue and straw. Make about 50 straws from the magazine paper as shown.

Step 2

Flatten the straws and roll them into circles. Just follow the dimensions below and you’ll be halfway there!

  • 4 inch – 2 (to make the base, one on top of each other)
  • 3 inch – 2 (one for base & one for the face)
  • 2 inch – 2 (one for base & other for hat, to be curved)
  • 1 inch – 4 (2 for laddoo plate, 1 for ear and 1 for the hand)
  • 0.5 inch – 2 (to make the eyes)
  • Oval shapes – 3 ( one for tusk & 2 for hands)

Step 3

Stack two 4 inches magazine rolls on top of each other. Then place a 3 inch one on top of this. Finally stick the 2 inch one on top to get a tier effect.

Step 4

What’s Ganesha without his iconic elephant head. So, for the next step, stick the head on top of the tier (as shown in the picture)

Stick the head on top of the tier

Step 5

Place the oval shaped trunk in the Centre.

Place the oval shaped trunk in the Centre.

Step 6

Our Ganesha must have the power of sight, so now, stick the eyes on the face and then place the ear on the right-hand side.

Step 7

Next, fix the hands using glue. Don’t forget to make sure that they’re on nice and firm!

Step 8

Next, stick the plate on the left side with laddoos (yumm!).

Step 9

Now curve the hat (measure 2 inches using your thumb) and place it on the head.

Curve the paper hat and place it on the idol

Step 10

Finally, use organic colours to paint the Ganesha with your favourite hues. You can keep your paper made Ganesha colour free, to give it a natural, more Earthy vibe.

Ganesha made of magazine paper is ready
Ganesh Chaturthi is an occasion that brings everybody together – parents & kids; friends & family. So, it is only apt that we all celebrate it in a way that never fails to spark joy.

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