How to Make a Career Decision That Favours Your Future

How to Make a Career Decision That Favours Your Future Cover Image

Right career decisions will deliver the right kind of future for you. Your determination and goals decide the result of your decision.

Making the Right Career Decision at the Right Time

Your decisions, your future. The career decisions you make can change the course of your career. One right decision can be the jackpot that you have always been waiting for. There are multiple processes that people follow, multiple factors that are at stake and multiple options to choose from, but in the end, the one common goal is — success. All career decisions are either a part of the career plan or are results of the need of the hour. The single most important factor at the time of making a decision is, what is better for YOU.

Career decisions in general require a lot of thought, but when it comes to women making decisions, there are additional factors that enter the picture like family, work-life balance, personal commitments and more. The advantage here is the fact that women also have the power of handling everything around them while making the right decisions and rising in their careers.

“Dedication is key when it comes to making career decisions that favor your future. The right decisions not only determine how you will start or restart your career, but they also determine how you can reach leadership levels. That’s exactly why your choices matter throughout your career — from day 1 till the end” – Says Purnima Santosh, Managing Partner, Value Vision Management Consultants

Find out how you can make the right career choices as a starter and restarter in this blog by Purnima Santosh, on ‘How You Can Start, Restart or Rise in Your Career’.

Steps to Follow While Making a Decision

Everyone has their own process while making decisions, but some pointers remain the same. They are:

Step 1: Collect All the Information You Need

No information goes waste, when it is about your career, the more information you have, the better. You need to know every detail before making a decision. And the only way to this is research, lots of research. Network with people, discuss with your mentor or find information online before you make a choice that’ll change the course of your career.

Step 2: A Pros & Cons List is a Must

This step is not only for decisions you make for your career, but every decision in general. You cannot make a decision without being aware of the advantages and disadvantages. Make a list and then decide based on whether the pros that favor your choice.

Step 3: Overcome All Your Obstacles

Before making a decision, you need to introspect and find out what is holding you back from making the choice. Once you find out, try and overcome it because it is only the decisions made at the right time that take you one step closer to your goal.

Step 4: Take Opinions

Talk to your mentor, advisor, colleagues and everyone else you go to for guidance, and find out their opinion on your decision or on your approach towards the decision. Again, what is important here is that you need to know what others think, but don’t get overwhelmed about it — at the end of the day, it is “your” decision.

Step 5: Priority is the Answer to Most of Your Dilemmas

Prioritising will tell you what you need to do at that stage in your career path. Based on what the situation demands, you can make the right choice.

Step 6: Come on, Make the Decision

Yes, you may be skeptical before you make a decision, but you also need to know that success comes to those who are bold, confident and determined. Follow all the steps and follow your gut — you will make a decision that’ll help you reach your career objective.

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