How to increase productivity while working from home

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Working from home is slowly becoming the new norm. However, with all the positives, working from home can have a few drawbacks, productivity being one of them. Here’s what you can do to ensure that this never becomes a challenge. These tips and tricks to increase productivity while working from home will help you optimize your entire work week! Read on to find out.

While the benefits of working from home are very apparent, there are also downsides to it. The truth is – you can be your greatest enemy when working from home. Given that you are comfortable and you have the authority over your time, the tendency is – you decrease your productivity.

Productivity when working from home

For most people who work from home, productivity is usually the biggest issue. Many online freelancers and virtual employees attest that time management and productivity can be huge problems. This is why a lot of them have already tried several ways to boost and increase their productivity.

In reality, there are tons of ways to increase productivity. This is because there are a lot of factors affect this aspect of one’s life. Even your day-to-day diet has an impact on your overall productivity and this is likely the reason why many people also focus on their fitness and health as well. 

While this may be a beneficial way to increase productivity, this post will focus more on practical ways. And these tips will certainly help you overcome any challenge you may be facing for the same.

Tips to Stay Productive

Here are the top seven tips on how to stay and even increase productivity when working from home:

Make a daily plan and stick to it

The number one tip that has been proven to be very effective is for you to make a “daily plan” and stick to everything that you’ve written or jotted down. You can start by arranging your schedule for the day and listing all the tasks that you need to finish by the end of it.

From there, compare these things against each other and pinpoint the ones that you need to prioritize. Make a detailed schedule starting on the hour that you wake up. Make sure to include the number of minutes in every task. The more precise you are with your daily plan, the more it will help you to manage your time. But, of course, make sure to stick to it all the time.  A little timer or stopwatch may help. You can also do this with an alarm to keep you notified when you already need to change or finish the task at hand.

Let family members know that you are home, but you are working

Working from home can also be ineffective, especially when there are a lot of people in your surroundings. This is very apparent to employees who are staying with their families. The best way to resolve this is to ensure that they know that you are working aside from being “at home.” By making them understand your work and your schedule, you can minimise all the distractions that they may impose on the hours of your work.

Choose a dedicated workplace

Having a dedicated workplace, despite being at home, is also a very effective way to increase productivity. Of course, you can choose to work as you lie down on your comfortable couch or bed. However, this may increase the risk of making you feel too comfortable that you already feel sleepy or lazy to finish a task.

So, instead of working on your bed or couch, try to find a more suitable place to work inside your home. You can set up your own workstation, where you will feel more “in tune” with your productive self.

Focus on one distraction, like a baby!

When you work from home, there will be certainly a lot of distractions. And all of these can truly decrease your overall productivity. When this happens, try to choose one distraction and focus on it.

This is very effective for employees who have kids at home. More than the usual, kids can be a huge distraction in your working hours. So, when they are silent or asleep, this is likely the only time that you try to be more productive to finish all the tasks at hand before they begin to distract you again.

If you do not have kids, try to find something that will make you feel a similar scenario. This can be your “playing hours” or your “pet time” or even your own “me time.” Treat them as a distraction and focus on it.

Use different techniques to stay connected

Making connections as you work from home can be also a concern for many employees. Unfortunately, while connecting and communicating are “essentials” to daily living, they can be also a huge distraction.

Accordingly, try to find other ways to get connected. You can schedule a certain hour in your day wherein you engage in a call or video conference with friends or family members. But, as long as you are working, try to establish a “no-call” policy until you finish the tasks at hand.

Keep the TV on in the background

There are no scholarly basis or reference that can be given to this point. But, many online workers and virtual employees, who have been working from home for many years now, have always attested that turning on the television as background noise can help them increase their productivity.

For some reason, it truly helps them to finish the tasks. If you want to try it, open the television and decrease the sound to its lowest level as you try to do your work.

Take breaks

Taking breaks is another effective way to increase productivity. The truth is – an hourly break is very beneficial to keep you going. If you choose to work continuously for much longer hours, you may finish the task on time. However, this may result in feeling “overworked” or burnout.

So, in order to eliminate the risk of obtaining these, try to set an hourly break. You can also do it every two hours or every time you finish a task.

All in all, productivity has become a huge concern in the world of “work from home” dynamic. And if you are having the same problems or concerns, these seven tips may help!

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