7 great ways to get your toddler to eat!

7 great ways to get your toddler to eat! Cover Image

Mealtime can get stressful! And you are not alone! From getting your toddlers involved in the kitchen to just giving them a seat at your dining table, here are some tips that just might help!

Getting your toddler to eat is sometimes no easy feat! Especially on days when they are fussy, you wish there was an easy way out. While there’s no manual for every aspect of parenting, some of these handy tips might just do the trick.

If your toddler tends to kick up a fuss during meal times then read on! It eventually gets easier…eventually! But until then these tips might help!

1. Use positive analogies

Talk about how big and strong they will become after eating all this healthy food! Tell them how fast they have been running off late and it’s definitely because of all the good food. Or how their favourite animal or superhero ate the exact same meal and became the strongest or fastest!

2. Engage in a good amount of physical activity

Keeping children active is a sure shot way of ensuring they have healthy appetites. Get them out in the open, take them to the park or for a stroll around the neighbourhood. Let them cycle in your driveway or perhaps a dip in the pool if the weather permits. It’s sure to build their appetite.

3. Involve them in the shopping or cooking process

Get them excited about food! Visit a farm and show them where their food comes from. Take them to the grocery store and talk to them about the ingredients. Give them simple tasks in the kitchen and involve them in the cooking process.

4. Eat as a family

Sometimes children don’t like to be singled out. They might wonder why they’re stuck in their high chair, while the others aren’t. Try eating together as a family. By giving them a seat at the table (even if it’s a high chair!) they might feel important and grown up.

5. Make it fun!

Tell the stories or bring the food to life using your creativity! If you have the time, then use cookie cutters to make interesting shapes out of their food!

6. Stick to your routine

Sticking to routine gives children a sense of comfort. Give them that consistency and make a mealtime routine that works for your family.

7. Give them a heads up!

Ten minutes before mealtime, tell them to get ready to eat. Give them time to wrap up their games or activities and transition to mealtime. Talking to them about how it’s time to eat now, might make the process easier!

And lastly, each child is so different. And just like adults, children have off days too. Somedays they are just not hungry. So take a deep breath and try again the next day! 🙂

About the Guest Author

Nivedita Garg, founder of Joyful Parenting has a passion and goal to educate every parent on the importance of their roles in shaping their children’s lives. Through her own experiences as a mom, she shares simple guidelines to bring out the infinite potential in children, laying a foundation for them to be the leaders of tomorrow! She works to empower families by providing parenting education, support and guidance in a relaxed environment.

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