How To Embrace Distance Learning Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak

How To Embrace Distance Learning Amidst the Coronavirus Outbreak Cover Image

Things are rapidly moving from physical to digital and learning is no exception. While distance learning maybe emerging as the new way for kids and teens at home, it means we need to be digitally prepared to take on the “extra load”. The following article mentions some good practices that every household needs to keep in mind to ensure that online study works out for the best.

The outbreak of Corona virus is driving the shift from regular classroom environment to online classes. This is one of the recommended efforts to curb the spread of the virus. However, it is important to understand how to make the most of the new study trend. Although, some people have already embraced distance learning courses, here are some strategies to make online study work for you.

Digital equity

With everyone at home, it is important to determine the devices you need and bandwidth. This is very important for families that can’t afford a computer for everyone. With parents working from home too, you have to avoid competing for the available computer at home. Consider utilizing some apps on mobile devices. For people without Wi-Fi at home, plan on utilizing device data bundles and hotspots.

Prepare to go online

Some educational institutions and homes have already gone digital with home connectivity and appropriate devices. However, this is a trying moment for those who didn’t foresee it coming. Therefore, it is important to train oneself using the apps and technology tools to keep up with studies. It’s true – online learning is beneficial during this period to keep up with what you can’t get from a regular classroom.

Design independent learning

With the lockdown keeping everyone at home, this is a moment to appreciate distance courses online. Online study encourages independent learning especially at this moment with the whole family working from home. Fortunately, distance learning courses don’t require much support from others, it is entirely the onus of the person taking it!

Know what to expect

It is very important to understand what to expect when you study online. During the lockdown, there is no physical interaction with the school administrative staff and other students. Making the most of online learning requires clear and succinct online channels of communication. Prepare to make good use of the FAQs to understand various aspects of your program including:

  • How to log in
  • Locating daily assignments
  • List of useful sites and tools
  • What to do during technology failure

Have a plan

During the Corona virus lockdown, planning before plunging into online learning is very important. This will significantly pay off in the long run. Your checklist should include getting logins, appropriate devices, power back up, renewing the internet subscription and stocking necessary supplies. Your COVID-19 survival plan will help you go through the lockdown smoothly without interrupting your studies.

Have daily schedules

Scheduling is very important to make the most of distance learning during the Corona virus pandemic. Ensure that you have daily schedules to avoid distraction. Keep in mind the periods when the home computer is free to avoid competing with other family members. You can consider logging in at night when everyone is asleep and the computer is free. Always be ready to adjust your schedule just in case someone else needs to use the computer at the same time as you for an emergency. Anticipate such roadblocks to keep you on track throughout your course. Ensure to schedule an appropriate time for each class especially those with trickier instructions that require more time.

Manage emotions

During the lockdown, distance learning is one of the best solutions to adhere to social distancing. For those less comfortable using digital platforms, the experience might make you feel isolated. Beating your anxiety is very important to make your online learning experience count. To make learning online fun, consider the following ideas:

  • Taking regular breaks
  • Keeping a regular sleep schedule
  • Setting daily and weekly goals
  • Limiting distractions whenever possible
  • Making time to socialize virtually
  • Spending time doing exercise

Use appropriate tools

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, some companies are offering free learning tools, apps, and upgrades. The temptation is high to just use everything you come across but it is wise to stop and think first. Limit the tools, platforms and apps to use for your distance learning progress without getting overwhelmed. Employ the use of different coloured fonts make distinguishing ideas easier, very similar to how you use coloured markers to highlight points in a book.

To keep up with friends and family, ensure you keep some tools handy. Apps like Face Time and WhatsApp allow video and audio calls and with this, you can communicate with friends and family through the lockdown to avoid feeling lonely. For video game lovers, keep your favourite games handy to keep you occupied when not studying.

A lot has changed during these times and limiting movement is the best way to proceed at the moment. To those with interest in getting higher education, distance learning is the way to go – helping you achieve your dreams and goals without entering a classroom!

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