4 Awesome ideas: Costumes for kids this November

4 Awesome ideas: Costumes for kids this November Cover Image

Thinking of innovative costumes for fancy dress celebrations? Creative mum Gayathri Ananth shows us 4 brilliant costumes she made for her son

November is cosplay month — even though Halloween is over, you have Children’s Day, and of course, Comic Con in Bangalore. A lot of us can rent articles out from stores in the city but if you want to make costumes on your own for your child, here are 4 wonderful costume ideas that I came up with on my own.

Step by step instructions to make an Astronaut


Want your child to be a proud ISRO astronaut for his or her fancy dress party at school? Try this out!

Materials needed

A silver coloured overall. (If not available, a white jacket and a pair of white pants.)
Red and blue cellotape
Silver colour paper plate
Red/blue bottle caps/thermocol/styrofoam
ISRO Mars orbiter labels (you can download them from the Internet and print them out on a label sheet)
Cool drink bottles, 500 ml or 1 litre
One cardboard sheet
Silver colour chart paper or any other colour that can be painted in silver colour. (I painted a grey colour chart paper with silver colour for the helmet.)
Pipes for the oxygen cylinder, from any hardware store
Silver paper
Silver ribbon
Grey or white gloves


1. For the helmet, make a bag out of the silver colour chart paper. For instructions on how to make a rectangular paper bag, check out Youtube

2. Cut a circle on one side for the face. Use the same measurements to cut out the silver colour paper plate.

3. Stick the rim of the paper plate to the paper bag to finish the helmet. In case you want to skip this step, you can buy a readymade paper bag and colour it in silver.

4. Use the cardboard to make a base for the oxygen cylinders. Stick a silver colour paper on both sides to make it match the costume. You can stick the bottles on the base.

5. Tie ribbons on the cardboard to make the child wear the oxygen cylinder set like a backpack.

6. You can insert the tube into the mouth of one of the bottles or can skip the procedure. Push the tube into the bottle and put duct tape to hold it. Stick the red and blue tapes on the costume to make it more colourful.

Step by step instructions to make a Sheep


Children love animals and this sheep costume is adorable, especially for the smaller ones.

Materials needed

Old grey or white jacket
Cotton pooja mala or plain cotton
Silicon glue
Pink and white felt material sheets, one sheet of each color
Black socks, 2 pairs
Black face paint or eye liner liquid to colour the nose black
Old socks and newspaper for the tail
Needle and white thread


1. Stick the cotton malas to the jacket with the silicon glue. Wherever it does not stick properly, stitch it to the jacket.

2. For the ears, cut the white and pink felt in the shape of a leaf. The outer one is white and should be bigger than the pink one. Stick the pink leaf on the white leaf the glue. Stitch it to the hood.

3. For the tail, stuff a white sock with newspaper pieces and stitch the mouth of the socks. You can stick a few cotton balls to it and stitch it to the back of the jacket.

4. Make the child wear the black socks on both the hands and the feet.

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