Headstand Yoga Asana: Watch Kids flip for Yoga

Headstand Yoga Asana: Watch Kids flip for Yoga Cover Image

When yoga is mixed with fun, it can become doubly empowering. Let’s look at a specific asana that kids absolutely love doing and has immense health benefits.

Children are naturally flexible and can contort into any position with ease. They are also eager learners. Yoga is one of the best ways to channelize their energy and flexibility to build physical strength and develop a calm disposition.

There are several simple asanas that are beneficial in developing self-control, coordination, and aid a better awareness of the body and mind. However, the favourite one amongst these with kids is the headstand.

You can’t stop a 6-year-old from flipping up into a handstand or turning cartwheels on a playground. Watch a toddler for 10 minutes and there’s usually a headstand in the mix, often in a downward dog position.

Their freedom of fear is inspiring!

The Headstand Yoga Asana

Kids love going upside down. They are in that magical place where they feel invincible. They fall all the time, but the thrill of going upside down makes it worth the effort. Besides the fun factor, headstand improves circulation. It reverses the flow of blood. Also, I think for kids it helps them get over fears. It’s a very empowering feeling for kids when they are able to perform the headstand right.


Kids doing Headstand Yoga posture

I start teaching headstands when the kids are around 5 years old as their spatial awareness is more developed by then and I can also keep a handle on everyone’s enthusiasm in the class. I use a wall to start off with and prepare everyone with the dolphin pose for a few sessions beforehand.

Check out this short video and see how easily the kids attempt this asana.

Yoga can be made a fun and regular activity for kids. Do check out some guidelines and tips for the same, here.

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