Easy & adorable Halloween DIY Craft for kids!

Easy & adorable Halloween DIY Craft for kids! Cover Image

Things are beginning to get spooky…and that’s because it’s Halloween! A fun and enjoyable holiday, Halloween is a treat (not trick) for the kids. And what better way to join in on the celebrations than making this DIY Halloween paper plate MUMMY ghost. Read on for the step by step guide.

Ready to get your Halloween celebrations going? Well, you can start with this super cute Halloween DIY Craft that is great for kids as well as adults. This easy to make “Paper Plate Mummy Ghost” is as fun as it is quirky. In fact, it’s so simple and a child of 5 could do it. Bonus points if you manage to make a set of bats that you can hang up around the house!

Follow the steps below, and add your own creative take to it!

Step by step instructions to make Paper Plate Mummy Ghost

Step 1. Prepare yourself – get all the things you need to make the Paper Plate Mummy Ghost ready! i) a plain white paper plate, ii) battery operated candle, iii) double sided tape, iv) scissors, v) Black & White paper sheets, vi) glue, vii) medical gauze

Step 2. Then, take a plain white paper plate and make a hole in the center.

Step 3. Next, take the battery operated candle and fix it through the hole and stick the tape around it so that it does not move.

Step 4. Then, from the back of the plate, secure the candle using more tape.

Step 5. Wrap the medical gauze around the plate in any manner you want…doing it randomly is just fine!

Step 6. Now it’s time to give the paper plate mummy ghost a face – make the eyes and mouth using white and black paper sheets.

Step 7. Secure the eyes, mouth and one hanging string with the help of double side tape.

8. Your paper plate mummy ghost is ready to go!

You can get your kids involved in making these DIY Halloween decor right from the start. Make one or more and then hang these around the house on Halloween for a spook-tastic time!

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