Coding, Science & more – GyanPro’s online program for kids has it all!

Coding, Science & more – GyanPro’s online program for kids has it all! Cover Image

Staying at home for a long period of time can be challenging, especially during summer vacations! But here’s your chance to make it count. GyanPro presents a curated course for kids that is designed to keep them engaged at home while learning the various aspects of coding in the most fun and engaging way! Check out the article for all the details!

Making Science – Make Sense!

GyanPro is a unique platform that aims to create a parallel science education program to make science fun, inspiring, and interactive for children. Yes, they research, teach, and promote conceptual learning of science, working as a catalyst in bringing creativity to STEAM (concepts relating to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) education for children!

According to Dr. Supreeth Kittenkere, STEAM expert and Founder of GyanPro, “Coding for kids not only helps them to involved or relate to the technology but also make them a design thinker or/and a logical thinker. Coding is a great skill enhancement for Nations human capital”

GyanPro Online Coding Classes

And we couldn’t agree more! The fun and intuitive learning that comes along with GyanPro’s online coding courses is a refresher. Every kid that participates is sure to go back enriched with valuable information and new skills.

To keep the children engaged during this period of COVID Lockdown, GyanPro has introduced a series of online coding courses for kids, in two batches of amateur and pro, which is designed to enable children to engage proactively in science experiments by utilising local resources and contextualise learning.

GyanPro App Lab

Designed for kids from Grade 4 to 10, the App Lab courses are divided into two batches – amateur and pro. In the App Lab courses, kids will get to learn a new coding skill for programming their own mobile applications using Javascript. GyanPro Online Courses

GyanPro Game Lab

A leap from playing games to literally building one, this coding course will teach your bubs how to turn ideas into animation and create their own Games using Javascript programming. The Game Lab is open for children from Grade 4 to 10 and is great for young minds to organize their thoughts and increase aptitude. In the ‘Amateur’ batch, your kids will learn the basics of animation in game making while in ‘Pro’, they’ll get to develop their first game!

GyanPro Web Lab

At the Web Lab kids will learn to create their own website using HTML & CSS. An efficient way to develop their problem-solving capacity while improving their logical thinking, reasoning skills & Scientific temper. For grade 4-10, here the kids will learn essential knowledge and skills for developing a website in ‘Amateur’ batch and go way beyond the basic in creating a website in the ‘Pro’ batch.

Program Details

Age Group: Grade 4 to 10

Dates: Amateur Batch: May 25 – 29 | Pro Batch: May 25 – Jun 5

Timing: Book your slot anytime between 8:30 am to 7:00 pm

Contact Number: +91-8197089425

To know more about the program or any queries write to them at or visit the website

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Happy parents sharing their experience!

It’s heartwarming to read about some of the testimonials put together by parents whose kids have experienced the GyanPro coding courses and have loved it! Here is what they had to say:

Rohini B. A., HomeMaker – Bengaluru

My son had joined two courses – Game Lab & Web Lab. Both the classes were really good.
He was always enthusiastic about attending the classes and even proactively started working on lessons that were supposed to be taught the next day! We feel that these kinds of courses on coding are apt for the current generation

Smitha, Software Engineer – Bengaluru

“I recently went through the project that my daughter did during GyanPro’s Online Course – Web Lab, and I was so impressed! It felt like five days of productive work! I have seen her do several presentations before, but this kind of course was something very new! So, overall a very good experience”

Adding an Extra Benefit

If the courses weren’t enough to get excited about, GyanPro also does a subscription-based DIY activity kit for children, a STEM based kit designed to invigorate & inspire children through hands-on science activities & experiments. The activities are designed in such a way that the children learn science by playing with science while helping kids to express themselves creatively.

GyanPro DIY STEM Bases Subscription Box

Activities in the GYANPRO BOX are designed specifically for Age Groups of 4 to 10 years. You can opt for a 3-months subscription kit and receive one kit every month (more perks!), which will have 4 exciting science activities and worksheets in each kit.

So, parents, if you’re looking for an engaging course and a learning opportunity for your children, then this one by GyanPro is one that’s worth your attention. Sing up now and get the fun started. It’s going to be very informative and helpful for your children. And also, don’t forget to check out the GyanPro DIY subscription box!

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* This is a post in collaboration with the brand. The information and opinions are unbiased and stated as it were.

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