Great Tips for taking that Perfect Family Photo this Holiday Season

Great Tips for taking that Perfect Family Photo this Holiday Season Cover Image

With the holiday season well underway, it’s the best opportunity to take those perfect family photos. Dress for the festive season, get your props, choose the perfect location and click away!

The holiday season is well underway and it is a great opportunity to get some perfect family photos! Despite the chill weather, this season brings its own warmth and spark to our lives. Everyone is in the mood to snuggle up with mug of hot cocoa and get cozy with loved ones!

So how do you capture these beautiful moments so they stay etched in your memory? Here are some great tips for taking that perfect family photo this holiday season.

The holiday photography idea depends upon how are you planning to do it, when, where and another important question would be who is going to do it for you?

Professional or DIY?

Are you going to hire someone professional or is your plan to do it for yourself? Hiring a professional is not entirely necessary. You can use a tripod and try something new! Choose a beautiful setting and imagine it in a frame with you inside it. Hand tip – remember the light should fall directly onto your face.

Location and timing

Perfect Holiday Family Photo

The location could be indoors or outdoors. Indoors can be in a professional studio or in your home. And outdoors depends on which part of the country you live in. Whether you’re up in the mountains, by the beach or the city, just choose a time of day when it is bright and sunny as it will add a glow to your photos.

What to wear?

Since it is winter, choose warm, cozy clothes like warm pyjamas, festive sweaters or sleek jackets. Choose bright coloured accessories like hats and scarves as they add a charm to your face in the photos.

Quick and easy photography ideas that you can easily recreate!

  • Gifting – Give your special someone a beautifully wrapped gift. The emotions of surprise, happiness and delight can all be captured in one photo. Let the natural emotions and feelings fill the photographs.
  • Show the love – It is always endearing to take a picture of you embracing your loved ones! Let the emotions flow and capture those dear moments.

  • Background – To bring in the festive feel, you can use a well decorated Christmas tree, fireplace, snow or a well laid out dinner table in the background.
  • Props – Other than the usual festive decorations you can use pretty lights, a calendar with the old dates crossed out, balloons with dates written on them (and you can let them go in the sky) or even a simple blackboard indicating the new year is upon us.
  • Frame it up – put in the effort to print and frame your photos, so you can enjoy them all year round!

The perfect surroundings, the perfect weather and the perfect holiday season calls for a perfect family picture!  Click! Click!

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Lisa K Cheney is an entrepreneur; owner of Lisa K Photo, a professional maternity, newborn and family portrait photographer. She believes photography adds a luxury to your already flawless life and her vision is to offer others the soulful, pure and fresh piece of art.

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