Experiencing second childhood: A grand dad’s story

Experiencing second childhood: A grand dad’s story Cover Image

There’s never a dull moment in life when grandchildren are around. Simple joys of time spent with little ones are indeed the greatest gifts in our lives. I guess it is Law of Nature that, as we age, we graduate towards our second childhood.

It is indeed pleasurable to get so delightfully close towards our grand children and other little ones as we age. I guess it is only Law of Nature that we progressively graduate towards our second childhood when the little darlings enter our lives!! I am blessed with two adorable ones, Nihaal, who is all of five and Nishka who just crossed two.

It is a warm enough feeling when the little ones snuggle up to you and ask for a bedtime story or a singsong read from their favourite storybook. It gets even better when they join you while you wash a car or change a wheel.

I remember the time when I had given a little toy toolbox to my grandson as a present. Upon knowing that there was a flat to be fixed, he came out with it and, with a serious look on the face, sat alongside with offer of a spanner and a few helpful suggestions on how one should proceed!

If you are the daily puja type, various actions like cleaning up, placing of garlands of flowers, lighting of a lamp or ringing of a bell while you chant a prayer fascinate them enough to fix their innocent attention to every detail. Any small deviation in sequence they may have got used to is noticed and ‘corrected’ as well!

The best part is when the parents leave them with us while they are away from home while at work or for an evening out. These are times when you get a feel of their extraordinary maturity as they compare each of your actions of with what they have seen their parents do. These are also the times when they spring the best of surprises. I still cannot forget the day when the little one watched me shave and seeing that I had kept the tap running between strokes, commented with a serious face that it is not good to waste water! It is now taken for granted that I am comparatively a luddite when it comes to remotes and smart phones!!

Being together also gives us an opportunity to share something good with their fertile brains, like a few words of wisdom or a simple prayer taught with the meaning explained in a simple way. I did learn my stuff that way from my grandparents and remember every word even after 65 years! I know each of us have a similar story idea!!

There never is a dull moment in life when the little ones are around. These simple joys of second childhood are indeed the greatest gifts in our lives….


By Srini

Srini Srinivas loves life, people and tasks to take on. An archetypical Mysorean Iyengar who decided not to migrate with the hordes of other clan mates and IITians of his generation, Srini prides in his having worked in every corner of India and finding something loveable in every community he has interacted with. He is a compulsive optimist about our younger set, and encourages everyone to celebrate, rather than find fault with the generation gap everyone talks about!
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