Gond Indian Folk Art Activity Worksheets for Kids

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Up next in the ‘Art Series’ – Gond Art! Learn all about this wonderful style of Indian folk art through these fun printable activity worksheets for kids. Read on and let’s get started!

Native to the forest dwelling Gond tribe, Gond Art originated in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Traditionally, Gond art is characterised by a dots & dash pattern which is depicted across the body of subjects. In the rural areas, folk artists working in Gond Art developed their own signature patterns to distinguish themselves from other artists. Over the years, these patterns, became a heritage and were even passed on to family members of the next generation.

Did you know that Gond paintings were done on mud walls of huts with colours extracted from natural materials like soil charcoal cow dung & leaves? also, since the Gond tribe lived in forests, nature comes up as a dominant theme in these artworks; thus most pictures have tree and animals depicted in them.

Gond Indian Folk Art Activity Worksheets for Kids

To let the kids experience Gond Art for themselves, here are some fun and interactive activity worksheets. They are easy to do and can be downloaded and printed easily! Time to get started!

1. Download, Trace & Practice Gond patterns in the empty boxes

Gond Folk art pattern sketches
Download Worksheet Here

2. Use colour pencils to colour the elephant & then use a pen or sketch pens to make patterns in each section. Colour & explore as you will!Gond Folk art Elephant design

Download Worksheet Here

3. Time to get creative! Use your imagination to colour & add patterns to the birds. Download and start filling them up!

Bird design in Gond style

Download Worksheet Here

Now that you’re familiar with some of the most typical designs in Gond art, you and your kids can try creating your own unique design using the patterns and colours that you have learnt.

If you enjoyed this article, then stay tuned for the next one in the ‘Art Series’! It’ll be here sooner than you think!

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