Ganesh Chaturthi crafts: DIY wall hanging

Ganesh Chaturthi crafts: DIY wall hanging Cover Image

Put those fingers to good use and make a beautiful Ganesha wall hanging for your home. So simple that a child could do it!

Festival season has well and truly begun and we know you’re all excited about Ganesh Chaturthi! We love the fact that talented people come together to give us great ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi crafts that even kids can make.

Why make these paper and clay crafts at home, you ask? Let’s see the benefits:

  • Re-use of materials that are lying around the house
  • Saving money and upcycling the items
  • Indulging in a hobby
  • Making crafts, especially with our hands, is great for creativity
  • You have a beautiful, handmade item

In today’s tutorial, Archana Gupta explains how you can have a perfectly gorgeous Ganesha wall hanging in your home, with just some cardboard, glue and time on your hands.

Ganesh Chaturthi crafts: Wall hanging

Here are the Step by step instructions:

1. Cut a piece of cardboard and one paper sheet. Make them the same size.

2. Glue the handmade paper sheet on top of the cardboard and let it dry.

3. Draw Ganesha of your choice on the other handmade sheet

4. Cut out the Ganesha

5. Decorate your Ganesha and set it on a board with double sided tape to give it a  3-D look.

6. Punch holes and tie bells

7. Decorate your Ganesha the way you want

8. Voila! Your wall hanging is ready to display!

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