70 Fun things to do with your dad this Fathers Day

70 Fun things to do with your dad this Fathers Day Cover Image

Not 1, Not 10 but we have 70 fun and exciting things you can do with DAD for Father’s Day. These ideas are simple and can easily be done right at home! From games to activities, cooking, baking, DIYs, gardening and more – check out the full list and pick your favourites!

Looking for ways to make Father’s Day special? Well, we’ve curated 70 different ways for you to make this day super memorable and to make dad feel amazing as well. If he likes fun indoor activities and games – we’ve got ideas for you; if he likes DIY and arts & crafts – we have those too! If he likes to get busy in the kitchen cooking up treats – then he’ll love what’s in store and if he likes gardening and sports – then this is what you should go for.

All this and more – here’s the full list of fun things to do with dad on Father’s Day!

Do something special ‘For him’

1. Make a video or movie celebrating your favourite memories with dad!

2. Make him a DIY, handmade AND homemade gift and card!

3. Say no to screen time; say yes to quality time with DAD.

4. Treat him to an at-home Spa day

5. Put on a show – enact one of your favourite scenes from his favourite movie. Turn it into a game by making him guess the scene and the movie!

6. Make a playlist with all his favourite songs and let it play through the day.

7. Treat him to something delicious – a nice cold Summer drink during the afternoon along with his favourite snack.

8. Create a cartoon strip of one of your most cherished memories of you and your dad

9. Express your feelings for your dad through a poem.

10. Leave post-it notes all over the house containing sweet little messages written out to dad, telling him all the things that you love about him.

11. Twin it to win it – dress up like dad and maybe even put up a fashion show

12. Gather all your loved ones and have a virtual video call session celebrating Father’s Day.

13. Make a self-portrait of dad with everyday things from around the house. Think plants & flowers, pasta, magazines & coloured paper!

Indoor activities you can enjoy together

14. Bake something delicious together

15. Indoor camping – create a DIY tent at home in front of your window.

16. Lights, Camera, Action – movie night with popcorn

17. DIY gardening – plant a seed together and see how it grows in time.

18. Mic test, mic test, 1,2,3 – get your Karaoke on!

19. Snuggle up for story time

20. String some tunes together

21. Shutter happy dads and their photogenic children – do a crazy photoshoot!

22. BOO! Have a slumber party with ghost stories to make it interesting

For the cool dad and young gamers!

23. Prepare a scavenger hunt inside your house

24. Put on your thinking caps and do a puzzle together.

25. Make it an event for the whole fam and host a family competition.

26. Fam jam – Father’s Day game night with fun board games.

27. A family that works out together, stays happy together! Figure out a fun workout session for Father’s Day!

28. Play your favourite video game together. Make it a challenge!

29. Let’s go LEGO! Bring out the inner child in dad and construct something out of LEGO together

30. Make paper planes and fly them around in the house – don’t worry mom won’t mind today!

31. Bring an age-old classic back to life and play cops & robbers.

32. Create a Father’s Day Bingo and see who gets there fastest.

33. Create a set-up in your garden, balcony or terrace for the perfect picnic spot with the perfect picnic basket. Enjoy!

34. Dance party – blast that music!

35. Play a game of Minecraft or Roblox

36. Play mini golf at home

37. A childhood favourite – play dark room

38. Imagination makes everything better – engage in a game of make-believe sword fight.

39. Find a secret hideout with your dad and surprise mum!

For the young & budding chefs

40. Host a pizza party for him

41. The ultimate treat or any parent – breakfast in bed

42. Organise a Father’s Day brunch at home. You can even make it a virtual event by inviting all your close family and friends!

43. As the day comes to an end, seal the celebrations with a barbecue night

44. Take an online cooking class together

45. Make the kitchen a place to bond over on Father’s Day and cook up a storm!

46. Set up the dining table, give him a fine dining experience without stepping out.

47. Bake a dessert together because sweet things are usually the best.

48. We all scream for ice-cream so why not try making some together! It can be very easy and with very less ingredients in the kitchen!

49. Let out your fancy side with dad and host a tea party. Finger sandwiches sound pretty good, right!

50. All you need is 2 minutes to make some Maggi noodles and have some fun with dad

51. Make Father’s Day sweeter with these DIY home-made ice-cream bombs

For the creative minds.. its time to let loose

52. Paint your very own father-child masterpiece

53. Try your hand at science experiments

54. Put your imagination and creativity to the test and invent a DIY machine of your own with scrap lying around

55. Make something fun for the home and craft together

56. Go through all your fond memories together with dad and make a scrapbook

57. Face painting – paint your favourite characters on each other’s face

58. Make customized t-shits together! Buy plain white t shirts in advance which you can paint and decorate with dad just how you like it.

59. Sculpting with flour – sculpt each other’s face out of flour

60. Blindfold each other and enter into a drawing challenge! It’ll be fun to see what dad and you can come up with.

61. Tell Dad he’s the best at what he does with the Father’s Day ‘#1 Dad’ DIY trophy

For the sports & nature lovers

62. Go bird watching early morning

63. Go for a lovely refreshing morning walk and explore nature!

64. Make your own kite and then fly it together

65. Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are! Go star gazing with dad.

66. Pick your favourite sport and step outside and play basketball, football, or tennis – any sport of your choice.

67. Enjoy the fresh air and go cycling

68. Host a lawn Tournament and pick fun games to play like lemon and spoon race, musical chairs and more.

69. Challenge him to a game of hopscotch

70. Take his favourite sport and make it a little colourful! These DIY dyed Golf balls will definitely become his post prized possession!

So go on, take your pick, choose the activities that dad would love most and have a blast while doing it this Father’s Day! And remember,

“the gift of creating special memories with your dad is one of the best gifts you could ever give him.”

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