9 Fun Republic Day DIY activities and crafts for Kids

9 Fun Republic Day DIY activities and crafts for Kids Cover Image

Looking for things to do on Republic Day? Check out these fun activities for kids! There’s lots in store – from Republic Day craft ideas to Republic Day quizzes and more. Read on.

Get together with your little ones and make Republic Day full of learning and enjoyment with these fun activities for kids. Learn about the national symbols, DIY your way through some interesting crafts about India and get involved in quizzes and games as well. Plus, there’s more – with these simple steps and downloadable activity sheets, you can also make your own Indian Flag, your own Indian Map and a bunch of other things at home, with materials that are easily available. Our 8 year old creative superstar Nishka has helped us put together these beautiful Republic Day craft ideas. So, check out the list and get started!

Fun Republic Day Activities for kids 

1. Indian Flag

First up, DIY Indian Flag! Begin by printing out or drawing the Indian Flag. Then, let your kids transfer the grains to decorate their flag. It’s simple and a great activity to increase hand-eye coordination.

Things required: 1 cup each of colourful grains – for this you can use 1 cup of Masoor dal for the Saffron colour, Green Moong dal, White Urad dal and Blue coloured rice grain. You can even paint toothpicks in Blue for the chakra! P.S. don’t forget the Fevicol or Glue which is to be used to stick the grains with.

Download Indian Flag here

2. India Map

Next up, Indian Map! Print out the outline of the India map, then hand over different materials such as coloured grains or beads, and let the kids design their tri-colour map. Take it up a notch by highlighting the state they belong to in a different colour.

Things required: You will need colourful grains or beads, Fevicol or glue to stick. The colourful grains can be easily available things such as White rice, Pink Masoor dal, Yellow Moong dal, Green dal or coloured rice grains. Be creative and pick as many different coloured things as you want to make the Indian map more vibrant.

Download Map of India here

3. Get to Know the National Bird of India

Start by getting your hands on the downloadable Peacock sheets (we’ve made it easier for you with the download link below)! Print these out and then design the national bird with dry leaves and other colourful materials. This Republic Day craft idea is super fun and you can even make your own Peacock using materials from home.

Things required: Dry leaves that you can easily find from your garden or an outdoor space at home or around your house, colourful grains, Fevicol or glue stick.

Download Peacock template here

4. National Flower of India

Did you know that the Lotus is the national flower of India? Well, this Republic Day, why not make one at home with the kids! First, print out the outline of the Lotus Flower. Then, use Pink coloured Pistachio shells to decorate the national flower. You could either paint the leaves green or even try using Green grains to decorate it.

Things required: Pistachio shells, paints to color, colored grains for leaves, Fevicol or glue stick.

Download Lotus Template here

5. Tri-colour wristband

Another thing to do on Republic Day is to make your own personalised wristbands. This Republic day craft idea is especially fun because you can make these wristbands for yourself and your friends. All you need to do is take coloured paper and cut them into thin strips (1 inch wide). You can also use zig zag craft scissors to shape it differently.

Things required: Coloured paper – Orange, White and Green cut into thin strips (1 inch wide), zig zag craft scissors, Glue

Downloadable activity sheets

Wondering where to start with these Republic Day craft ideas? No worries! For all of the above things to do, you can download the printable activity sheets right here – check it out!


Republic Day Quizzes, Games & Crosswords

No holiday is complete without some games that you can play with friends and family – and we have curated a super fun list of these as well. Below are some easy and entertaining quizzes, games and crosswords that you can enjoy this Republic Day. All you need to do is download and start playing!

6. Guess Who – Famous Slogans Edition!

Download here

7. Guess Who – Famous Indian Personalities Edition

Download here

8. Hindi Movie Quiz

Download here

9. Republic Day Special Crossword Puzzle

Download here

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