5 Fun Indoor Activities for 3 to 5 years olds

5 Fun Indoor Activities for 3 to 5 years olds Cover Image

Wondering how to keep your kids occupied indoors? These 5 fun activities will definitely make things interesting! Take a treat and turn it into a “Gem of a Game”, think outside the box with magic, make lovely bookmarks with your little readers, break the ice and have a gala time with art! All these right from the comfort and safety of your homes…so, if you want to know more, then you’ll just have to read on.

As we are all going through difficult times, let us remind ourselves of the saying , “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. This stands true for the time we are in right now. Rather than doing nothing and waiting for things to get better, make use of this time to create some memories with your family. Keeping kids engaged should never be a burden on parents, instead it should be taken as an opportunity to explore and come up with new mind stretching activities. I have listed 5 fun indoor activities for 3 to 5 years old that my son Rey and I have tried at home. We had amazing fun doing them. Let me share them with you.

1. Gem of a game

An absolute fun game that will get your little ones talking for long. All you need is colorful gems arranged in a circular pattern over the circumference of the plate. Pour very little water from the side and allow it to show its magic. You’ll be serving a visual treat for the little ones. Let them flaunt and spread their magical skills to others. Reyansh couldn’t stop admiring the rainbow colors he explored.

2. When play meets magic

This is a super fun activity and can be stretched for a long time of the day. Get your creative minds at work. Trust me the logic behind this game is not easily found by all which means you can always call it magic. All you need is colorful cutouts of your favorite character. You can always take a color print of the desired character or even draw if you are good at it. Place the cutout on a tissue paper and fold it. Draw an outline of the cutout on its cover page. Have your little one pour water on it and see the magic. Reyansh and I came up with umpteen designs and never stopped admiring. Sharing his expression of happiness is something that I relish.

3. Bookmark Making

Nobody likes a book with dog ears at the corner of its page. So, why not make bookmark instead. Rey loves reading and so we thought of making some fun bookmarks. Animal face, Moustache, ice cream, Pompom, tassel, paper clip bookmarks and there are many that you can come up with. Get artistic with these fun bookmarks for the young reading enthusiasts. It can make a perfect gift for your book loving friend too.

4. Ice breaking

A rescue operation task you may call it. Create a role play and have your favorite car stuck in the ice. Rey and I enacted this scene, as in my car got trapped in the ice. I had to call the rescue service team and Reyansh was the rescue manager. He immediately came to the spot with his tools to save my car. The operation began and as we reached success, the joy in his eyes is inexplicable.

5. Fun art

Art is all about embracing the imperfectly perfect visual. Help those little minds to explore the resources they can make use of to get a creative artwork. We made a simple scenic beauty using leaves from our garden, some ear buds tied with a rubber band, sponges and Reyansh’s little thumb made the magical petals of flowers. You can use veggies like cut ladies finger to create small blooms. This masterpiece is worth flaunting.

These activities will not only keep kids away from getting bored but will also help discover new things and learn about it. Try out these activities and do share with us your moments. I will come up with another 5 fun activities for your kids in my next article. I am sure your little ones will love the various activities that we can do with things available at home. Stay tuned for my next write up. Until then Stay Safe Stay Positive!!

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