5 Fun and easy activities for toddlers

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Contrary to the popular belief, toddlers can be engaged productively on their own as you take a break from the caregiving. Try these 5 simple yet absorbing activities today.

Keeping a toddler engaged for a few minutes is indeed challenging. Since their attention span lasts between 10-15 minutes, the activities need to be engaging and interesting enough.

Here are five simple activities for toddlers that will keep them occupied either on their own or could be used during a fun parent-toddler time:

1. Stack them or sort them


Perfect for hand-eye coordination, make a game of stacking as many blocks as possible. You could even teach your tots the concept of colours by asking them to segregate these colour-wise.

2. Press paints into art pieces


If you don’t mind your tots getting a little messy, get a large chart paper, a box of paints and show them the magic of finger painting. The kids would love to experiment with the splash of colours and make some great artwork while you get a breather.

3. Dip, squeeze, clean


Who said toddlers only like to make a mess? Give them a small wash cloth, a tub of water and a dirty patch on the window to clean. They can be occupied for several minutes with the act of dipping, squeezing and cleaning. This is a great activity for muscle-strengthening and enhancing gross motor skills.

4. Cut and shape the dough


Play dough works like magic with toddlers even as young as 18 months. Invest in a good quality, non-toxic product or even make some at home. You can devise various fun activities around this theme. Roll out the dough on a flat surface. Give your child colourful and differently shaped cutters. You could even use cookie cutters. They will have fun pressing the mould over the dough and scraping out the imprints.

5. Walk on chalk

Chalk Activity

Draw colourful concentric circles or even just lines on a thick card paper or on the ground if you have space outside your home. Watch the fun as your toddler tries to walk within the circle or lines. It will be double the fun for your kid. You could even assign a number to each colour and make this an educational activity if you think you and your child are game for it.

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