Download FREE kite colouring pages for Makar Sankranti festival

Download FREE kite colouring pages for Makar Sankranti festival Cover Image

Ready to start celebrating Makar Sankranti? Check out this article on DIY kite colouring pages and fun facts about this unique festival that is celebrated across India. Read on to know more.

It’s a week of festivities, everyone! Makra Sankranti is one of the most celebrated festivals in India and what makes it so exciting is that these celebrations are unique to different parts of India. Each with its own creative spin and delicious treats.

The festival is diverse to say the least. Did you know that the word Sankranti means “movement”! Filled with laughter, colours and of course kites, Makar Sankranti is celebrated with lots of delicious treats – the most popular ones being til ka ladoo, puran poli, pinni and other sweets.

Well, we have just the thing to kick start the festivities! This Makar Sankranti, make it all about DIY with a variety of Kite colouring pages which you can download and enjoy filling in with the kids. You can also try your hand at making colourful DIY kite crafts that are great for kids

Free Downloadable Kite colouring pages – Enjoy!

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This festival is also celebrated across India and each region has its own unique name. Here’s what they are!

1. Uttarayan kite festival in Gujarat & Makar Sankranti in Maharashtra

In Gujarat, Makar Sankranti is known as “Uttarayan” and is celebrated for two days and it’s kites galore! In the regions of Gujarat and Maharashtra beautiful colourful kites, known as ‘Patangs’ are flown and Til-Gul Laddoos are made at home. These sweet and chewy treats are made out of sesame seeds and jaggery syrup. But don’t forget about the Jalebi’s and Chikki’s as well!

2. Lohri festival in Punjab

In Punjab, this festival is called ‘Lohri’ and it is celebrated by everyone! Falling on one of the coldest months of the year, Lohri is celebrated with cozy bonfires, lots of comfort food and sweet treats. During the celebrations, friends and families get together and throw sweets, sugarcane, popcorn and puffed rice into the bonfire. You also get to gorge on some absolute favourites like Sarson Ka Saag & Makki Ki Roti (winter favourites and a combination to die for!), along with Atta Ladoos and Gur Ki Gajjak (Jaggery plays a very important part in Lohri) – YUM!

3. Kicheri festival in Uttar Pradesh

In Uttar Pradesh, Sankranti is known as ‘Kicheri’ and traditionally, it involves ritual bathing that is said to cleanse everyone from their past sins. People from all walks of life bathe in the Sanghan river at Prayagraj, where the rivers Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswathi meet and then indulge in a warm, comforting bowl of Khichdi – which is one of the staples of this festival!

4. Pongal in South India

In southern India, the people celebrate ‘Pongal’ in the state of Tamil Nadu and ‘Sankranti’ in Karnataka among others. Pongal is celebrated over a period of 3 days. On the first day, boiled rice and milk are served to the rain gods. On the second day the same food is then served to the sun god and finally on the third day they decorate their cattle with colourful flowers and cloth to show gratitude for all the hard-work done during the harvesting season. And the food? It’s nothing short of a feast – sweet & savoury Pongal (which is a rice based dish) are the stars of the show! Also accompanied by Payasum, coconut rice, lemon rice, Vada’s and more.

5. Ghughutiya festival in Uttarakand

Here the festival is known as ‘Ghughutiya’ and it celebrated with much pomp in the entire region of Kumaon. The celebrations here take a different turn as people welcome back birds from their winter migration. Families also prepare a fun sweet treat called ‘Ghughute‘ which are deep-fried sweets with sweetened flour and jaggery shaped in the form of drums, pomegranates, knives and swords. Interestingly, these sweets are then transformed into a garland which children are made to wear around their necks which are first offered to crows for their blessings and then munched upon with great delight.

6. Magh Bihu festival in Assam

In the beautiful state of Assam, Sankranti is celebrated as ‘Magh Bihu’ and it is commemorated with feasts and bonfires. The most popular thing to eat during this time are various rice cakes or dumplings called ‘Pitha’. There are many variations like Shunga Pitha / Sunga Pitha, Til Pitha and Coconut Laru (made especially out of coconuts and condensed milk.)

So, with forgiveness, love and laughter, celebrate Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Bihu, Uttarayan, Lohri and all the festivities with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart. And don’t forget to add a whole lot of colour and fun with these cute kite downloadable colouring pages!

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