Why Junior Horlicks is our favourite health drink at home

Why Junior Horlicks is our favourite health drink at home Cover Image

Health drinks are a part and parcel of raising kids as every child prefers them to drinking plain milk. How did you, as a parent, make a choice of the right health drink for your little one?

As soon as I became a mother, I got a lot of advice about what I should and shouldn’t give my child. I was keen about one thing – that as a toddler, my child needed very specific and important nutrients. Finding a nutritious supplement , especially one that needs to become a favourite health drink for kids, is not an easy task.

When my daughter turned 3, she started losing interest in milk. I tried the usual suspects – the health mixes, flavoured milk and even ingredients that aimed to supplement milk, but the supplements were unnecessarily heavy and she did not like the taste at all. She was looking for a beverage that tasted yummy and as a mum, I was looking for something that contained calcium, protein and DHA.

It was then that I decided to give Junior Horlicks a try. It was love at first sip. We tried different flavours and while she liked all of them, the chocolate Junior Horlicks became her favourite health drink. Whenever we would travel out of town, I would take a small bottle with me.

DHA and choline

When I was finding out more about health drinks, I was keen that my daughter consume food that has DHA. Junior Horlicks has this and choline, two very important ingredients. This was a major win for me. Since the brain grows at an astonishing rate during the first few years of life, DHA is important. DHA has a host of other benefits, including improved cognitive function in children.

Going a step further

Junior Horlicks stage 1 has protein and calcium that along with her regular diet provides the nutrition which is important for achievement of milestones.  Junior Horlicks Stage 2 goes a step further. The zinc, copper, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E support immunity .

Visits to the dentist have also been sources of relief, as she does not have a deficiency in calcium, nor are her teeth developing cavities. She drinks Horlicks with very little sugar, because the taste is so wholesome and wonderful on its own.

A favourite health drink for every occasion 

My daughter is now 7 and she has graduated from Junior Horlicks to Horlicks!

I have found that Horlicks has been with her through every phase. Maybe she will never be too old for a cup of hot, wonderful classic malt Horlicks, a cup that has all the warmth and comfort of a happy childhood. You can stock up on Horlicks Junior here.

*This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with the brand.

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