10 Fabulous Indian Mom Bloggers you must follow

10 Fabulous Indian Mom Bloggers you must follow Cover Image

Our list of Indian Mum Bloggers is one that you will love for the sheer variety and quality of content that they bring to the table.

Parenting can be a challenging task, with its myriad demands on one hand taking up so much physical time and the emotional aspect occupying more than its fair share. We also know that writing about parenting is an equally tough task. That’s why we bring you our list of Indian Mom Bloggers, whom we believe put grace into the art of parenting and writing about it too.

We’ve included Indian Mom bloggers from different stages and walks of life, to show you exactly how varied and fascinating the parenting experience can be. These are people we absolutely love to read!


Tulika Singh

What do we say about this mum? She’s an avid reader, a book blogger, a reviewer par extraordinaire and she has twin tweens! Yes, you heard that right. Her kids, H and N, are delightful to read about simply because she makes it that way. Her way of blogging about the trials and triumphs of raising fraternal twins will simultaneously make you laugh and nod your head in agreement. If you are a parent in the trenches, you absolutely must follow this Obsessive Mom.

What we love: Her honesty, her sense of humour and that bit of despair that all mums are so privy to!

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Lakshmi Iyer

Lakshmi Iyer is a mom blogger with the ability to turn a phrase. Everything she writes takes on a hue of beauty, warmth and love whether it’s talking about the challenges of parenting her biological daughter or the joys of bringing up multi-racial twin girls whom she adopted. Her uniqueness lies in the way she comfortably straddles two cultures – Indian and American – and the way she champions the cause of open adoption.

What we love: Her large hearted nature, the sheer beauty of her writing and the way she connects with the reader!

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Monika Manchanda

Do you follow the food blogging scene in India? Then, you would be most familiar with the  effervescent energy of Monika Manchanda and Sin-a-mon Tales. Monika describes herself as an ex-IT person turned a food consultant, home baker and photographer. We love her for the way she brings food stories to life. From the touch of grandma’s cooking to the sweetness of a child’s smile, from rich brownies to absolute comfort food, she does it all with a touch of elan. Her video channel on YouTube is well worth following.

What we love: Her smiling countenance, the way she bridges generations through food and family and the way she weaves stories around the simplest of recipes!

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mom_blogger_shweta_ganesh_kumarShweta Ganesh Kumar

We stumbled across Shweta Ganesh Kumar’s venture ‘Times of Amma’ and were impressed by the way this young mom to two kids manages to find time to bring out extraordinary stories on ordinary women. From star moms to traveling moms, life lessons to practical advice, she has it all on the site. Shweta is a gifted writer who also takes up freelance writing opportunities on the subject of parenting. Every story is an honest conversation on parenting where she gently engages the readers with her simple yet elegant writing.

What we love: Her absolute candour, the feminist streak that sets her apart and her absolute involvement in the writing process!

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Simran Oberoi Multani

Looking for a mom who marries baking and community outreach programmes? Meet Simran Oberoi Multani, the founder of Ovenderful, a healthy baking social enterprise. Simran combines simplicity, sophistication and wellness in her baked goodies that leave you feeling a sense of joy. Her pet project, the Ovenderful baking community, is a stellar concept that undertakes many programmes for the underprivileged by having bakers from across the country come together in compassionate work. A mom to a young boy, her energy and passion will leave you stupefied.

What we love: Her passion for baking, her large hearted generosity and her untiring efforts at running the Ovenderful community.

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Babita Jaishankar

How many moms do you know who are image consultants? Well, you won’t find one as classy, stylish and grounded as Babita Jaishankar. Founder of BAJA, Babita promotes women’s clothing for the contemporary Indian woman. From traditional to the western, sustainable fabrics to indigenous textiles, BAJA covers every aspect that women would love. Babita’s unique touch, though, is not in the clothing line itself, it’s in the way she presents them. Unapologetic, simple and striking are three words that come to mind when you read Babita’s work.

What we love: Her unabashed celebration of the woman, irrespective of age, looks or background.

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Reshma Krishnamurthy

Founder and curator of the hugely popular Mums and Stories website, Reshma Krishnamurthy is a veritable force in the world of parenting writers. She breaks the mould when it comes to covering stories about courageous mothers. From cancer survivors to the woman mountaineers, from courageous rape victims to the story of a transgender woman, Reshma has covered them all. In addition to this, she actively organises events for mothers and kids in the city.

What we love: Her tireless spirit, her bold coverage of stories and the never-say-die attitude that permeates every story.

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Nidhi Dorairaj Bruce

Nidhi Dorairaj is a Psychology and Management graduate who now runs the successful Mumbai Mom website. It identifies as a blog network and is truly empowering for young parents and writers who are trying to find their feet in the content space. From lifestyle to education, parenthood to health, the website covers all these topics with finesse.

What we love: Nidhi’s passion for writing and blogging which translates to quality content that is worth a read.

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Shruti Bhat

Moms in India are only too familiar with the Artsy Craftsy Mom who makes crafting with kids simple and fun. This inspires even the most craft-challenged among us to take up paper, glue, scissors and paint and put together something that will make kids smile. More than anything else though, it’s the detail and care that goes into each DIY activity that sets this mum apart. Shruti is a global icon in the art and craft space and just one look at her blog will tell you why.

Image Courtesy: artsycraftsymom.com

What we love: Simple DIY projects, a newsletter for interested subscribers and a vibrant, colourful blog that greets the eye.

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mom_blogger_twinkle_khannaTwinkle Khanna

If you are on social media or even remotely familiar with Bollywood, you wouldn’t have missed reading about Mrs. Funnybones aka Ms. Twinkle Khanna. After a career that was all about acting, Twinkle seamlessly stepped into the world of writing and with her classic tongue-in-cheek wit, took the blogging world by storm. Her regular column in the Times of India takes an irreverent look at the institution of parenting which she also captured hilariously in her first book, Mrs. Funnybones.

Image courtesy:  Wikipedia

What we love: Her wit, her easy, conversational style and saying it like it is.

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