Extracurricular classes by Openhouse that will bring back the FUN!

Extracurricular classes by Openhouse that will bring back the FUN! Cover Image

Are your kids tired of staying at home? Is online learning hampering their creativity? Well, we have good news for them. Openhouse is back with their open-air workshops, and they are safe, secure and super fun. It’s your opportunity to let your kids meet other children and learn with them – and it doesn’t get much better than that. Read on for more details.

New world, new rules!

COVID-19 has not been easy for any of us, especially the kids. With the pandemic changing lives and the way we know how to live it, we’ve all had to access, adapt and move forward in new ways.

Extracurricular classes by Openhouse

One of the most significant changes that happened which effected the kids mostly is everything turning to online. While this may have its advantages, the fact remains that our little ones had to compromise in many ways. Social interactions were reduced, and children started missing out on building developmental skills like motor skills, social & emotional skills, cognitive skills, collaborative skills and more. But with the Openhouse openair classes, this will no longer be a problem! Ideal for kids 6 to 12 years, the classes and workshops by Openhouse makes all the difference in your kids’ learning journey. 

Why offline learning is one of the best forms of learning for children!

Offline classes facilitate social learning which is very important for kids. They combine the excitement and fun of meeting fellow friends, learning together, playing together and discovering new things. Infact with offline classes, the chances of your kids meeting and collaborating with peers becomes very high which is important in their formative years. Not only do offline classes help kids to grow, but it also teaches them important life skills like social development, communication, interaction skills and more. 

Keeping this in mind, Openhouse wants to bring back what’s best for your kids through their curated openair classes. These interactive, offline classes give your children back in the best way possible. These offline classes are not just about connecting with the familiar and a thing of the past, but about finding that which works best for children.

Openhouse where the learning and fun never stops! 

Founded in 2018 by Stanford University graduates, Akshay Rampuria and Yashovardhan Poddar, Openhouse believes in championing every child’s learning needs through fun and interactive classes that are meant to bring out the best of them. Remember parents, it’s not just about doing well in exams but it’s also about giving your kids the right kind of exposure so that they can have dynamic personalities. 

Openhouse’s openair classes span across many genres

Theatre classes: All the world’s a stage, right?!

  • On the Learn-O-Meter: how to channel your dramatic side and fun theatre concepts
  • What are the benefits: self-confidence, team work, voice modulation and imaginative thinking.

Dance classes: Let’s move to the groove!

  • On the Learn-O-Meter: different techniques and methods found in contemporary dance 
  • What are the benefits: Overall fitness, stress management & reduction, endurance and strength training.

Art & Craft classes: Time to get super creative! 

  • On the Learn-O-Meter: how to express with colours and creativity, covering various aspects including colour theory, character building and more. 
  • What are the benefits: Creativity, observational skills, motor skills and imaginative thinking.

Creative Writing classes: A pen, some paper and a story to tell!  

  • On the Learn-O-Meter: how tell your story just as you want to! In this workshop, kids will also get to hone their language skills and learn how to write for an audience while expressing themselves. 
  • What are the benefits: self-confidence, creativity, motor skills, observational skills and imaginative thinking.

Public Speaking classes: Hear! Hear! 

  • On the Learn-O-Meter: how to become the star of the show and mesmerize everyone with amazing oratory skills. 
  • What are the benefits: self-confidence, voice modulation and communication skills. 

These classes not only allow the kids to create and think out of the box, but also helps them grasp concepts like confidence, discipline and perseverance that are the cornerstones of learning different subjects and extra-curricular. Click here to Sign up!

Safety first!

Openhouse has designed their openair classes with all COVID safety protocols in place and this has been given paramount importance so that your child can learn in a safe environment. The classes are open only for the children of the building to maintain a safe bubble and are conducted in small groups of 6 children in each class. Regular temperature checks and on the spot sanitization for kids and teachers happen as well. The fact that they are open-air with social distancing makes it even better. All the teachers are vaccinated and can be seen wearing masks throughout.

Kids have spent 2020 and the first part of 2021 at home, so parents, it’s time to set them FREE!

Give your kids the freedom to explore, freedom to collaborate with their friends, freedom to learn and the freedom to build and create – all in the tried and tested, old school way with Openhouse. 

Currently Openair classes are being offered in many residential communities across Bangalore for resident kids as well as Bangalore International Centre, Domlur, JustBe Cafe, Sadashivanagar and Indian Music Experience Museum, JPNagar for everyone. For more details, click here

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