Eco-friendly Ganesha idols to bring home this Ganesh Chaturthi

Eco-friendly Ganesha idols to bring home this Ganesh Chaturthi Cover Image

If you’re making plans for Ganesh Chaturthi, then bringing home an eco-friendly Ganesha idol with your kids should definitely be a part of it! Check out these 10 eco-friendly Ganesha’s that will help make your celebrations sustainable and more meaningful. Read on for all the details.

It can be said that Lord Ganesha is almost everyone’s favourite deity to have around (including kids!) and with Ganesh Chaturthi coming up, it’s a great way to celebrate all the things that this idol symbolizes.

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Ganesha, the God of new beginnings and a fresh new start. With that in mind, what better way to honour everything that He stands for, than doing something a little off-beat and unique. So, parents, it’s time to get your kids involved and have them pick out their favourite eco-friendly Ganesha that can grace your homes and hearts on the auspicious occasion.

Wondering where to get them? Well, our curated list will give you 10 eco-friendly options to pick from. These idols are made out of clay, Paper Mache and biodegradable materials that will make the planet a cleaner & Greener place and your homes, a happier ones! Check them out.

10 Eco-friendly Ganesha idols to bring home this Chaturthi

1. Clay Ganesha – Balmuri from Tamaala – Bringing Art Home

Tamaala - Organic Ganesha idol

What we like:

The Pond Clay Ganesha is handmade and created by extracting clay from the village pond. This clay goes through a 7 stage cleaning process to arrive at a beautiful texture that is molded into the idol. It is environment friendly and the best part is that it provides income to rural potters.

Once the celebrations are done, the idol can be immersed and the sediments can be used in the kitchen garden/ pots.

What it includes:

The set contains 1 Ganesha idol of that is 10 inch/25 cm in height and a pouch with seeds which can be planted post the immersion of the idol in the sediment/soil.

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2. Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idol on Rat by Kulture Street

Kulture Street Organic Ganesh

What we like:

Kulture Street’s Eco-friendly Ganesha idol is made of 100% natural clay and painted with mud based colors. The best part is that it dissolves quickly in water and is perfect for home immersion! Things to note:

  • Deliveries ONLY in Bangalore City
  • Delivery between 10 – 31 Aug: FREE
  • Delivery between 1 – 9 Sept. there are only 300 slots available.

So if you want one, you need book early!

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3. Tulasi Ganesha Kit by Mudfingers

Mudfingers Clay, Organic Ganesha

What we like:

This Ganesha Chaturthi, go Green with the Tulasi Ganesha Kit by Mudfingers. The Tulasi plant seeds are put inside this clay idols and when you do the visarjan of these idols at home, you can actually plant the seeds and watch a Tulasi plant grow!

What it includes:

  • A Ganesha Idol of your chosen size
  • A 4 inch Gowri Idol
  • A Terracotta pot
  • Tulasi seeds
  • Fertiliser

You can choose from 1 feet 3 inches Ganesha idol with Gowri idol kit or 1 feet Ganesha idol with Gowri idol kit.

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4. Rath Chakra Ganesh Idol, by Eco hindu

Eco hindu -Organic Ganesha made of clay

What we like:

A traditional Ganesha idol with an Eco friendly twist! The Rath Chakra Ganesh Idol by Eco Hindu is made with River clay and no harmful chemicals. They have a nice range of River Clay Ganpati murtis colored with watercolors that can dissolve in water, taking from 45 mins to 4 hours.

This is an eco friendly approach that will not harm the environment, the marine life or pollute our oceans. Every idol is hand-painted and are therefore unique in their own way.

Home delivery is available and the Eco Hindu team will deliver the idol at the entry gate of the building or complex premises. For Maghi, they deliver 2/4 days before & for Chaturthi, 2/10 days before the festival.

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5. Eco friendly Seed Ganesh Murti by Nursery Live

Nursery Live

What we like:

This eco-friendly Ganesha pack contains a clay Ganesh murti (Approx. 7.5 x 4.5 inches), a pot, seeds and soil for Visarjan. What makes it unique is that it’s a plantable Lord Ganesha murti that your kids can have fun with even after the festival.

The Ganesha murti is chemical-free and environment-friendly and once you plant it, the Ganesh murti will grow into basil plants.

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6. Vakradundaya Eco-Friendly Ganpati by My Pooja Box

My Pooja Box

What we like:

Plant-A-Ganesha is an eco-friendly initiative to make our environment a better, cleaner & greener place.

These eco friendly Ganpati Idols are made out of clay and are 100% Biodegradable & handcrafted in India by skillful artisans. All Plant-A-Ganesha Idols come with a small kit of plant seeds, leaving zero residues in water.

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7. Titwala Eco Friendly Paper Ganesha by My Eco Ganesh

Eco Ganesh

What we like:

Artistically designed, eco friendly Ganesha’s that will help you make your celebrations greener and more meaningful at the same time. The colors used are non-toxic making it great for kids as well.

My Eco Ganesh also have a Paper Mache Ganesha range and these idols are light and made out of clay and Paper Mache. These made for great alternatives to clay Ganesha which at times can become heavy to lift and therefore difficult for kids.

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8. Plantable Sawkar Ganesha by Loopify

Loopify, Organic Ganesha

What we like:

This Ganesh Chaturthi, don’t just commit to a celebration, commit to protecting the environment, the rivers and sea beds with the Plantable Sawkar Ganesha! These artistically designed idols are eco-friendly in nature and are made of natural clay (Shadu), Red soil (mitti) & Paper Mache.

Once the festivities are done, you can dispose the idols easily, as it fully dissolves in water within 3 to 4 hours. You and the kids can then use the remains for plants & soaked soil for crafts as well.

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9. Eco Friendly Lord Ganesha Statue by PujaNPujari

PujaNPujari, Ganesha Idols

What we like:

Made out of pure natural clay, this eco friendly idol encourages the celebration of traditions and adopting something new that benefits everyone, even the environment around us. This clay idol is biodegradable and is perfectly made with the natural clay of Multani Mitti.

The colours incorporated in the murti are natural watercolours and that makes it stand out and even more lively. The Ganesha idol can be dissolved in water just 45 minutes up to 9 hours.

Dimensions : Height : 1 Feet

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10. Shahi Pheta by EcoMorya

EcoMorya, Organic Ganesha

What we like:

Paper Mache Ganesh, eco friendly Ganesh idols that are naturally very sturdy and light weight at the same time, making them a delight for kids. Since it is made from paper and glue, it is stronger than a soil model and easier to immerse at home.

That’s not all, these Paper Mache idols are made by recycling waste papers from the printing industry and in its own way, helps reduce pollution and save cost.

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Time to get children involved, parents and what better way to do it then involve them in the process right from the beginning. From idol picking, to realising the importance of being eco friendly and then interacting with the idol once immersed using it to grow plants and more. It’s a great way to celebrate and create awareness at the same time.

Also, if you’re looking for ways to make this Ganesh Chaturthi even more special for you and your little ones, check out this article on easy Shlokas that you can chant together or try and make a Clay Ganesha at home by following these simple steps!

Featured image credit: Yogesh Pedamkar on Unsplash

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