Easy DIY Tent you can make at home with kids!

Easy DIY Tent you can make at home with kids! Cover Image

Who doesn’t love a little tent at home? With fairy lights and fun – a fortress of imagination and adventure. Luckily, Anjali Nair is here to tell you that making a DIY tent at home for the kids (and you) is simple and fun. The following steps should do the needful and more. Read on to know full details.

Creating a cozy set up at home is always fun, pleasant, creative and soothing and my little one is hands-on anytime when it comes to a new DIY project. So, I decided on something that he finds easy and exciting to do – we settled on creating a DIY tent at home with things that are easily accessible.

Apart from a ton of fun and a day full of giggles, a good learning from this exercise is that we don’t have to always rely on buying things from outside to make something beautiful. Little things that bring much happiness, can be found right at home too!

So without further ado, let’s get started with the tent making. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1

Decide a place where you would want to set up the tent. Ideally, have a sofa or a wall as a backdrop so that while you keep the cushions inside they have a support to lean on.

Step 2

Collect all the items that you would need at once. You will require minimum 4 chairs, lots of colorful clothes or bed sheets, lots of cushions or pillows, a fold-able bed or a thick blanket, heavy books, décor items like lights or any hangings.

Step 3

Place four chairs, two each at either side. Put the longest of the clothes you have over it to make the roof. You can keep heavy books on both sides over the cloth to ensure it doesn’t slide. Place a bed or a thick blanket on the floor under the roof. Cover the bed with a beautiful bedspread.

Step 4

Bring in lots of colors using different cloth pieces to cover the backdrop of the tent. Put in lots of cushions and pillows inside to give a cozy look.

Step 5

The tent is almost ready and now starts the creative bit of things! You can put in string lights or fairy lights for that warm and cozy glow.

Step 6

You can even hang some light weight dream catchers, paper butterflies, small bells, favorite cartoon cut out hangings or even letters from the roof to add on the decor. This can be done with the help of safety pins.

Step 7

Don’t forget to make the entry look interesting. Keep some welcome board or a blackboard with something written on it, make an audience with your kid’s favourite soft toys, put together a snack basket or a welcome kit of sorts and more along those lines, it sets a lovely environment!

Step 8

Wrap it up by placing a small chair of your little one along with bringing in some books and games, so that there’s not a dull moment!

The DIY tent is a versatile and a simple project for birthday parties (with the colours and decor items matching the theme), sleepovers or even family night. You can also think about setting up a cute little reading corner where your kids and you can spend hours exploring new reads and going on adventures.

It’s a DIY project that your kids will love doing with you and then enjoy it even more once it’s complete…so much so, they may not ever want it to be taken down!

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