Easy DIY steps to make your trick or treat bag for Halloween

Easy DIY steps to make your trick or treat bag for Halloween Cover Image

Ready to call upon your neighbours for a trick or a treat this Halloween? How about getting a simple DIY bag for the occasion? 

Halloween is around the corner and kids are palpably excited about dressing up in their scariest best and knocking on the doors of neighbours ready with some deadliest pranks in their kitty. You give them a small treat and you’re saved or else be prepared to get spooked out of your life!

As fun as this sounds, help your kids make the fun tradition more interesting with this simple DIY bag for them to hold their treats. Oh and don’t forget to find some wonderful Halloween costumes for kids in our list right here.

Here are the Step by step instructions:

1. Take a large square sheet and mark out the dots as shown in the picture above.

2. Use a punch machine and punch out the holes as per your mark.

3. Now punch two holes on both sides of the strip as well.

4. Align your strip with the centre holes punched onto your sheet.

5. Start to sew your bag with the colour of thread of your choice.

6. As you go along, remember to sew to the other side of the strip along with the sheet.

7. Once you reach back to the starting point, gently pull at the thread and tie a knot.


8. With a black marker draw scary faces for the final touch.


9. Voila! Your trick or treat bag is now ready.

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