3 Easy and healthy breakfast recipes for kids

3 Easy and healthy breakfast recipes for kids Cover Image

Running out of ideas to make breakfast both healthy and fun? These simple Indian recipes will put nutrition and taste right back on your kids’ plates.

What’s the one thing that plagues parents? Okay, many things plague parents, but what worries them on a daily basis? Yes, it’s how to make easy and healthy breakfast recipes for kids that they will enjoy and finish in record time.

Kids can be very fussy eaters and getting them to try new things is especially challenging. With these 3 simple recipes we believe that you’ll have kids clamouring for second helpings and also eat a nutritious, balanced and tasty meal at one go.

Our Indian dishes are varied in seasoning, spice and palates, you’ll agree but the good news is that we can use that variety to our advantage. Each of these recipes are tried and tested by mothers who swear by their effectiveness. So, don’t wait. Stock your pantry and start cooking these up right away!

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1 Appe Recipe for a healthy breakfast for your kids

Appe is quite the exotic blend of two dishes.
This combines protein-rich ingredients to present a breakfast variant with a delicious twist. If you love the South Indian Adai and kuzhipaniyaram,you’re sure to love the Appe.

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2 Ghavan recipe for a healthy breakfast for your kids

Did you think all dosas originated from the South?
Well, you stand corrected as we bring you an instant, healthy and crispy dosa recipe from our very own Maharashtra.

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3 Lapsi Vegetable Upma Recipe for healthy breakfast for your kids

The mention of Upma is generally met with a grimace.
How about lending this age old recipe a twist that’s not only mouth-watering but also healthy? We ensure happy smiles.

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