Know your festival: Easter and the arrival of spring

Know your festival: Easter and the arrival of spring Cover Image

Easter arrives each spring with a lot of religious significance to Christians the world over, while it heralds the beginning of the Summer Vacations for our kids at home.

Each year, Christians, young and old alike, celebrate Easter around March /April. There are traditional activities associated with this special day, But to most kids, it is exciting since the schools close for summer holidays around Easter.

Friends gift Easter Eggs – the delicious marzipan moulded in the shape of an egg and decoratively coated with chocolate and icing!

There is belief that the day marks the return of Jesus after being crucified. Each year, it falls on the first Sunday after the Summer Equinox. This year it is on the 5th of April, 2015. On Easter Sunday, church altars are decorated and the long Mass is held – a special event for the faithful. Others find going to Church for the Mass interesting too.

There are a lot of EGG happenings at Easter! Exchanging gifts of Easter eggs- a delicious treat of coated marzipans-is an ancient practice followed even today.

As the morning dawns and lots of decorated eggs are laid out, children are made to believe that the eggs were delivered by the ‘Easter Bunny’- which represents another symbol of the festival.

Stories are told of the days when to toss the egg at each other was a part of the show! Those eggs were indeed real eggs, but really hard boiled! After the Mass, the priest would throw a hard-boiled egg to one of the choir boys, who then tossed the egg to the next choir boy, and so on. When the clock struck twelve, whoever held the egg was the winner and got to keep it.

Easter is when enormous quantities of candies are made and consumed in various shapes with the egg and the bunny shapes topping the list!

Easter Sunday is indeed a fun day for everyone. However, religious Christians observe a long month before the day as holy days. Many keep off eating their favourite foods as well all through the month as a sign of penance- because they believe that their sins were what made the Christ die in the first place.

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