Dussehra craft DIY: Make your own elephant

Dussehra craft DIY: Make your own elephant Cover Image

Bring your Dussehra to crafty life with this cute and easy to make elephant right at home. Check the tutorial for simple tips.

Step by step instructions for Dussehra Craft

1. Get all your materials ready as given in the itemised list.


2. Draw an elephant body and a big heart shape for each ear on the card.


3. Cut out your shapes.


4. Make a small cut in the heart shapes in order to attach it to the elephant body.


5. Make a small cut at the bottom of the main body of the elephant as well.


6. Colour/ paint the elephant body, hearts and 4 nos. of clothes pins in the colour of your choice.

7. Colour the 5th pin in the same colour though only part of it. Colour the rest of the pin colour in peach.


8. All parts of the elephant should look like this.


9. Use glitter pens, stone and stickers for decorating your elephant.


10. Use the pipe cleaner to wrap around the pin to make the hands and the body of the king.


11. At the lower part of the pin wrap the pipe cleaner around to create the turban.


12. Do add some decoration to the king’s turban.

13. Now attach the two hearts on the elephants body to create his ears and the pins as his legs.


14. You can now attach the King to the elephant to look like this.


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