DIY Seashell Animal Buddies

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Haven’t been for a walk along the beach side with your kids? The next time you do so, don’t forget to fill your pockets with those beautiful abandoned seashells on the shore!

Indulge in seashell craft with these fun, simple and innovative DIY ideas. Make your own seashell animal buddies and flaunt them at home or school.

Step by step instructions for making a Prickly Shell Porcupine

Step 1

  • Take a bottle cork. Apply glue along the edge of the closing bottom of the cork.
  • Paste long, cone shaped seashells next to one another.
  • Continue sticking them to cover the entire surface of the cork.

Step 2

  • Cut-out a triangle shaped piece from an orange cardstock.
  • Fold it into a cone shaped nozzle and glue it to stick on one end to make the Porcupine’s face.
  • Now glue the rim of the smaller circumference (closing bottom) of the cork and fix the nozzle shaped face.

Step 3

  • Stick googly eyes beside one another on the cone shaped face to make the eyes.
  • Stick a dot made of out of black cardstock for the nose of the animal.
  • Your Prickly Shell Porcupine is ready!

Step by step instructions for making a Parliament of Owls

Step 1

  • Collect 5 assorted sea-shells (3 fan-shaped, 1 medium speckled cone shaped and 1 small cone-shaped).
  • Glue a medium speckled cone-shaped shell on top of a fan-shaped shell (refer image 2).
  • Glue 2 small fan-shaped shells (with the concave surface visible in front) on the edges of the open face of the speckled sea shell. Make sure the narrow edges of the fan-shaped shells are touching each other.

Step 2

  • To make the beak, glue a small cone-shaped shell just below the point where the two fan-shaped shells meet.
  • To make eyes, stick googly eyes inside the indented areas of the fan shaped shells.

Step 3

  • Keep it as a single piece, or make several, with different size sea shells, to showcase a parliament of owls. Flaunt your creation!

Did you like this craft project? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Make your own Seashell Animal Buddies and share your creation on the BuzzingBubs Facebook Page.

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