DIY Project for kids – CD coaster mosaic pattern

DIY Project for kids – CD coaster mosaic pattern Cover Image

Electronic waste (e – waste) is one of the major type of waste we generate in today’s world. Here’s a reduce, reuse, and recycle project, to make a handy coaster out of an unused CD.

Ever wondered how to make a CD coaster using simple recycling techniques? Now you can! You probably have all these items at home already.

Step by step instructions

1. Cover one side of the CD with card stock to form a base.


2. Choose pictures from comics, magazines and calendars of your choice and set them aside.

3. Tear out the pictures without using scissors. The uneven edges help make the joints look seamless.


4. Arrange the picture around the CD to figure out fitment and design.


5. Once you are happy with the composition start pasting the pictures. Cover the entire CD with pictures.


6. Once completely covered, using a paint brush apply a layer of diluted PVA glue. Set to dry. This coat acts as a sealant and also adds a glossy feel to the CD.


You could attempt this project with different themes such as cartoons or even a story on a CD etc. by fixing a magnet, the CD mosaic could also turn into a unique fridge magnet.

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