This Raksha Bandhan, handcraft a unique Rakhi with your child

This Raksha Bandhan, handcraft a unique Rakhi with your child Cover Image

Nothing feels more special than a handcrafted present. Get your little one to handcraft a blingy Rakhi for her brother. We used simple easily available craft material lying around the house to make this Rakhi. You could use different embellishments to spruce up your Rakhi and make it look glamorous.

Step by step instructions:

1. First cut out 3 equal sized long strips of coloured paper and attached them to each other.


2. Fold the full length of the paper in and out – it’s done accordion-style (like when you make paper fans), and create a sharp fold by pressing down along the edge. Then flip the paper over and make another same-sized fold. Keep flipping and making folds until you reach the end of your paper. Be careful that you’re not making your folds bigger as you work your way down the paper.


3. Open out the folded paper and get it to form a circular shape. Paste the edges. You have a multi coloured paper rosette.

4. Cut out a circle from a thicker paper and paste it on one side of the rosette, so that it hold the folds in place.


5. Now start making other parts of the Rakhi. Cut out circles shapes of different sizes in various patterned paper. We chose a pattern with hearts and polka dots on it.


6. Embellish each of the circles with sticker jewels.


7. Start gluing the various embellished circles one on top of the other according to size. Largest being at the bottom and smallest being on top.

8. Use a satin ribbon to make the ties of the Rakhi. Stick the assembled circles on to the satin ribbon using fabric glue. Let it dry for ½ hour.


That was easy, was it not?

You could experiment with shapes other than circles. You could also add fun embellishments like buttons, shells, dry flowers etc. Let your child’s creativity take over in this fun simple project.

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