DIY – Easy steps to make a pebble paper weight for your kids study

DIY – Easy steps to make a pebble paper weight for your kids study Cover Image

Part 2 of the ‘Ocean At Your Desk’ theme, is a paper weight made from a pebble.

Here are 3 reasons why you should beg, borrow or steal a large pebble when you see one around – pebbles are great fun to craft with, they transform into anything from a bug to a little story board depending on how you envision you project, and they hold all sort of paints.

Step by step instructions:

1. Clean your pebble thoroughly and let it dry out completely.


2. Use a white water colour pencil and draw the outline of the picture you want to make on the pebble. We drew an Octopus.


3. Use a thin brush and outline the Octopus with a colour of your choice. We used white.


4. Fill in the background and Octopus with colours.


5. Once the paint is dry, use a toothpick and make dots on the tentacles of the Octopus, to depict the suction cups of the Octopus. Use the toothpick to add some details to the blue background as well. Let it dry.


6. Once dry, turn the pebble over and repeat the process of drawing the outline. We drew a star fish on the flip side.


7. Fill in the background with blue to depict water. We coloured the star fish using dots made from the toothpick. Sort of like the aboriginal paintings.



8. Let the pebble dry and finish off by applying paint sealant (optional) this is done to ensure that the paint does not peel off with use. Paint sealant is available in any well stocked craft store.



You could try making various other projects with a pebble. This project is sure to be a useful and attractive addition to your child study desk.

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