DIY paper fish in 3 easy steps!

DIY paper fish in 3 easy steps! Cover Image

Make a simple paper fish plus an entire aquarium with your kids: in 3 easy steps!

Perhaps you can read up on ocean life beforehand, so you can explain why certain fish are built that way. And as always – use this tutorial to create your own designs!

Some skills that your child can pick up during the activity include:

Fine Motor Skills, Visual-Spatial Skills and knowledge of aquatic life.

Come on then. Let’s dive right in!

Pencil-Play-Fish-Tale-DIY-Step 1

Steps 1 – 3: Making a Squid (Parental Assistance required)

Here for example is a Squid, and here’s how I built it:

1. Roll a small sheet of paper and paste the end to make a paper tube.

Pencil-Play-Fish-Tale-DIY-Step 2

2. Cut strips of paper on one end and roll them up with a pencil to make tentacles.

Pencil-Play-Fish-Tale-DIY-Step 3

3. Draw the eyes, or stick-on some googly eyes – and ta-da! We’re done.

Make a puffer fish by drawing the fish on a sheet of paper and cutting out the spiky edges. Hey, you can even make an  angel fish by sticking colorful crepe paper on a paper cup. You could  experiment with papier-mâché and leftover craft material from around the house. Let your imagination run wild!

An Aquarium with a difference:

Once you have built enough little fishies, it’s time to find creative ways to display them. You could stick them on your refrigerator or leave them around the house, pasting them up in pretty places. You can even make little hanging decorations as I did with a stick and some strings, as seen below.

Pencil-Play-Fish-Tale-DIY-Step 4

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