DIY – Under the Ocean Pen Stand

DIY – Under the Ocean Pen Stand Cover Image

Concluding ‘Our Ocean at your Desk’ series – is the Upcycled “Under the Ocean Pen stand”. This is a fun activity that brings together materials like card stock, discarded containers, old swatches of fabric, and shells to create a useful and great looking handcrafted table piece.

Step by step instructions

1. Draw out sea creatures of your choice on cardstock. I chose a crab, a seahorse, and a turtle.


2. Colour in your sea animals and cut them out.


3. Wrap your container with fabric using fabric glue. If the edges are uneven wrap some thread/wool around them. This will add an interesting detail to your project.

4. Wrap fabric on the base of your pen stand. Remember to use a thicker sheet of cardboard for the base to make the unit stable. Paste the container on the base. The base will act as the sea bed.


5. Stick on the animal cut outs. Use double sided tape to do this, as this will make the creatures stand out.


6. Embellish the seedbed with seashells. We used a few pearls as well. You could also use sand. Let it dry.


7. Your pen stand is ready to hold colour pencils /pens/ erasers etc.


You could try this project with various other scenarios like space, forest, fairy land etc. Let your imagination soar and let your child discover the joys of upcycling.

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