DIY: How to make your own Easter Bunny

DIY: How to make your own Easter Bunny Cover Image

Get the kids all excited about making their own Easter Bunny at home thanks to Archana’s simple DIY tutorial!

Step by step instructions for making your own personalised Easter Bunny

Step 1

  • Fold and cut a strip of white paper into the shape of bunny ears.
  • Take a pink sheet of paper and cut them in the same shape of the bunny ears, but make them slightly smaller.
  • Paste the pink ears onto the white bunny ears.

Step 2

  • Stick the googly eyes on your paper cup as shown below.
  • Take two pink pipe cleaners and paste them with a double sided tape in an ‘X’, below the eyes, to form the whiskers.
  • Glue on the red pom pom in the centre for the nose.

Step 3

  • Staple the ears to the rear of the paper cup as shown. Use an adult’s help for this.
  • Punch two holes, one on each side of the cup.
  • Twist a blue and pink pipe cleaner together to form the handle.

Step 4

  • Loop the ends through both holes as shown.
  • Voila! Your Easter Bunny in a cup is ready!

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