Gift for kids: A DIY craft from parents to their children

Gift for kids: A DIY craft from parents to their children Cover Image

A quick and simple craft that takes under 30 minutes to make, parents! This one is something your child will love.

On a time crunch and need a quick and simple DIY idea to make for your kids? This beautiful craft pot made right at home is a gorgeous gift for kids and is perfect for Children’s Day! Make it today and surprise your children.

*Hint: You don’t even have to be good at craft to do this. It’s that simple!

Gift for kids: Easy, decorated clay pot


Here are the Step by step instructions:

1. Paint the pot with your child’s favourite colour and then glue flower foam into the pot.

2. Take 4 or 5 pipe cleaners and tie them up with one pipe cleaner.

3. Make swirls at the end of each pipe cleaner as shown in the image above.

4. Arrange all the pipe cleaners the way you want into the pot.

5. Cut out different shapes out of the coloured papers.

6. Write special notes on each of the coloured papers. For e.g.: their favourite song, favourite things they like, a special quote for your child etc.

7. Once you’re done, take your child’s photo along with the coloured paper shapes and arrange them as you like or you can refer to the image above.

8. Do remember to give some support to the picture and notes with some paper clips.

9. Finally, arrange it in your pot to create a special design for your little ones.

A beautiful specially hand crafted gift by parents for their special kids on a very special day. Watch their faces light up with joy!

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