DIY: Friendship Day Bands for Kids

DIY: Friendship Day Bands for Kids Cover Image

It’s Friendship Day! Get your kids to indulge in these DIY Friendship Day Bands that are both easy and colourful!

Kids have such fun with simple things, don’t they? So, when Gy got a friendship-bracelet making kit from her friend for her birthday this year, she was immediately eager to try making a few for August 2nd, Friendship Day!

And so it was on a rainy Sunday afternoon, we sat down to string together these tokens of everlasting bonds between children.

This was a ready-made kit, but you can make it easily at home with some basic items available from any craft shop in your vicinity.

Step by step instructions

1. Take a length of string and loop it around your child’s wrist. Take about 7-8 cms extra to ensure that you can tie knots on either side afterwards.

2. Use one friendship board and loop the string to one end and tie a knot.

Friendship_day_03, Friendship Day Band, Shailaja

3. From the variety of beads, pick a pattern and string them as per your liking.

Friendship_day_04, Friendship Day Band, Shailaja

4. After checking the length of the band on the child’s wrist, tie the other end of the string through the other end of the board and tie a tight loop.

Friendship_day_05, Friendship Day Band, Shailaja

5. If you have hooks/clasps, you can use them to secure the band instead of making it a simple, slide-over-the-wrist model.

Friendship_day_06, Friendship Day Band, Shailaja

Eh voila! One friendship day band/bracelet is good to go!

As you can tell, it is pretty simple, right? One bracelet takes all of 15 minutes to make, from start to finish. How many should the child make? Well, that would depend on the number of friends he/she has, of course!

Here are more ideas for Friendship Day bands that you and your kids can make.

So go ahead and make that friend’s day today


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