DIY – Number Monster: a fun counting activity for toddlers

DIY – Number Monster: a fun counting activity for toddlers Cover Image

If your child gets easily bored with numbers here’s a fun DIY project that will make counting a whole lot more fun & engaging for your child.

I have a Montessori going child. At one of my visits to her school, I was told that she was easily bored by counting activities. I understood the need for her to begin recognizing numbers and came upon this idea of a number monster. I remembered seeing cereal box shadow theatre sets etc on the internet. I planned a number monster using a cereal box that was lying unused.

Step by step instructions

1. Cover the cereal box with brown paper or any paper of your choice. I used an old paper bag.


2. Draw out details like eyes, patterns and the mouth of the monster.


3. Cut out the mouth of the monster using a cutter. The space should be sufficient for printable cards to.


4. Paint over all the details with water colour paints. Leave to dry.


5. Print out your number cards. There are lots of options available online.


How to use your Number Monster

1. Spread out the number cards before your child.


2. The line we use is – I am the number monster. I love eating numbers. I am very hungry right now. Little girl can you feed me number 5 please! (Change the number as you go by)


3. I use a monstrous voice, just to make the game sound authentic.
4. My daughter learnt to recognize her numbers in a week!

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