DIY Christmas Special: Adorable Little Snowman!

DIY Christmas Special: Adorable Little Snowman! Cover Image

You can now build your very own snowman for Christmas and it’s a fun DIY activity for the kids as well! Excited? Just read on, follow the steps and you’re there!

Every household needs a cute little snowman during Christmas…and now you can make your own with the kids by following these simple steps. It’s a great at home DIY activity and one where your kids can actively participate. So, put on your creative caps and start your DIY session now. Here are the steps:

Step By Step Instructions To Make Your DIY Snowman

1- Start by getting together everything you need: glass bottle, glue, Silver glitter, battery operated LED light, Black bindi (big and small), Black paper, small X-Mas decorations and ribbons.

2- First thing, you need to do is apply glue on the full bottle. Tip – do this quickly! Next, roll the bottle into the glitter when the glue is wet. Remember to cover the full bottle with glitter and then let it dry for 1 hour.

4- Then, with Orange paper make the snowman’s nose.

5- Moving on to the hat. Cut your hat shape with Black paper. Then, decorate the hat with ribbons and X-Mas decorations of your choice.

7- Time to light it up! Once the bottle is dry, fix the LED light to the bottle.

8- The final steps now – with the help of double side tape, fix the hat on top. Then, use the big sized Black bindi to make the eyes. Don’t forget to stick the nose as well with double sided tape.

11- Lastly, use the small sized bindis to make the mouth and tie the ribbon or any piece of cloth to make the scarf. YAY! Your snowman is now ready!

This adorable DIY snowman is sure to bring a lot of cheer to the festive season. So, get your little ones together and start making it just in time for Christmas!

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