DIY Canvas Light: An easy step-by-step tutorial

DIY Canvas Light: An easy step-by-step tutorial Cover Image

Feeling creative? Why not decorate that plain wall in your kid’s room with a delightful canvas light? This DIY tutorial shows you how.

Instead of buying a canvas light from a store, why not express your creativity by making your own? This DIY canvas light project is a great way to add some character to a room or add a unique feature to the space on your shelf.

When it comes to choosing a canvas, the design is up to you. Round, square, big, or small, you can go for anything that will fit the space you have in mind.

Don’t worry too much about your artistic skills, as this is a great opportunity to have fun and experiment with different textures. You can use paintbrushes, sponges, or even your hands to decorate the canvas. The LED lights will create a soft glow which will blend in perfectly with your background.

These canvas lights also make wonderful gifts which you can personalize. So once you’ve practiced on your own, you can set to work on an ideal present for your family and friends.

Step 1


Protect the area you’re working in by placing the canvas down on towels or old newspaper. Paint the canvas however you like, using light brushstrokes, bright patterns, sticking to one color, or adding thick layers for texture.


LEDs look great dotted around an abstract background, but if you’re feeling extra creative, you could paint a scene where you’d normally see lights and place the bulbs strategically. For instance, a dark sky, a lit up city skyline or a stormy landscape with lightning.

Although acrylic paint dries quickly, remember thicker layers take longer to dry, so try not to rush this step. You can use craft supplies such as glitter to create a shimmery effect or starry sky.

You could also add your favorite quote once the paint is dry. It’s best to write the letters out in pencil first and then trace over them in permanent marker.

Step 2


Once the canvas is completely dry, turn it over and use a pencil to mark a dot where you want each light to go. When you’re happy with the layout, use a precision knife to carefully poke a hole in each spot. Spacing the holes at a similar distance to the bulbs on your strand of LEDs should make this process easier.

Push each light through the holes, just enough so that the bulb shows at the front of the canvas. Then, using masking tape, tape the lights at the back to hold them in place. Repeat until each bulb is in place.

Step 3


Hang your canvas on the wall, plug the lights in, and admire your new wall art. If you’d rather not have the cord hanging out of the canvas, you can use battery-operated LEDs and tape the switch to the back of the canvas.

These are also available with built-in timers, which are ideal if you don’t want to lift the canvas off the wall every time you switch them on and off.

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