Delightful recommendations for different genre books for kids

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Exposing kids to reading a number of genres early on has a great number of benefits. Read how you can widen your child’s horizons through books.

Children today cannot stay static at a single place; they need something to keep them on their toes. Deciding what exactly you should cater to your child that keeps them energized and pepped up always is a delusion in itself.

However, reading is one of the few things that manage to keep children on the go, even when they are seated in one place, in reality. To add to this, perusing through a number of books adds dimension and a sense of belonging in the child’s mind. It creates a world that they can believe in, characters they can befriend, situations they can fight and emotions they can feel. Books offer an entire package of living, in all.

This article will take you through the many books recommended for your child in a myriad of genres available. Following is a list of books in different genres to make sure your child has a beautiful reading experience.

1. Picture Books

From helping Mrs. Rabbit and her to-be born bunnies from an accident to helping Incy Wincy Spider secure his wounds, Doctor Glenda and Nurse Percy have a lot running at the City Hospital! Will they be able to make it in time? Find out in Mrs. Rabbit’s Bunnies and Injured Spider from The Urgency Emergency Series.

Kids will love the illustrations and the pengamedics who are no less than our super heroes!  They’ll love the references from their favourite rhymes like Incy Wincy Spider and Ms. Muffet.

The second book in the picture books category is from The Bad Guys Series! Mr. Wolf has always been a trouble maker! Oh! We know that already. But this time, he’s taken on an intimidating enemy! Furball might be small but he’s mighty and powerful. Will the bad guys be able to defeat Furball?

Kids will love this brilliantly illustrated comic series. They will love the hilarious dialogue exchange and the drama revolving around Furball trying to unleash terror.

2 Animal Care

There’s an absent minded dog-loving dad, a cat-loving Margi and a dog named ‘Kitten’ who is trying to MEOW. But why is the dog pretending to be a cat? Because Margi wants him to be one! Will Kitten Meow? Or will he run away? Find out in ‘Kitten the Dog’.

Kids will love the hysterical tricks Margi tries to pull off in teaching her dog some feline etiquette. They will also love to see the world from Kitten’s point of view.

The second book in this category is Michael Rosen’s ‘Barking for Bagels! Now, have you ever met someone with an annoying laugh? Like a guffaw HAHAHAHA or a screeching HIHIHIHIHIHI? Doesn’t it make you wanna run away? Well, that’s exactly what Shnipp, the dog, did. She disliked the way Julie and Lark and Sadie laughed all the time. It was so annoying that she runs away and then meets an incredibly kind lady who feeds her bagel on a daily. But, Shnipp now misses home and wishes to go back. Will she be able to find her way back home to Julie and Lara and Sadie?

Kids will love the foxes that Shnipp comes across when she’s out and about.They’ll absolutely love Shnipp and her serious cravings for Bagels!

3. Action / Adventure

Red is a brave little girl whose dad is a woodcutter! But is Red brave enough to face her own fears and rescue the innocent captives from the evil queen-witch? What’s more … there’s a troll she hates! And she has to rescue the troll too! Find out in ‘Little Legends: The Great Troll Rescue’.

Kids will love Red and her friends, Rapunzel, Anansi, Gret, Jack and her talking hen Betsy. They will love the weirdly-named sea desserts that Bert tries to sell to the kids.

The second book is the story of an ex-adventurer, Mabel who hung up her adventure boots after meeting pirates, grizzly bears and giant whales. She wants to settle down now, eat some cookies, drink some milkshake and read some good books. But wait! There’s one last adventure that Mabel has to go on and that is to save her little sister from the wicked witch. Will she be able to make it in time? Introducing ‘Mabel Jones and the Forbidden City’!

Kids will love the pajama-clad baby pirate, Mabel, and her adventurous spirit! They will love the milk-drinking contest with a grizzly bear and other unlikely adventures Mabel gets herself into.

4. History

We chose ‘The Gory Story of Genghis Khan’ for this category. Genghis Khan is one of the most feared tyrannical rulers in the history of mankind; the one born with a destiny to rule the world! Considering the fact that he ruled over a really large kingdom, we are pretty sure he did something right.

Kids will love Yakkity Yak narrating the story with great interest and Yuherdit who manages to cover each event revolving around Genghis Khan. They will love to read the fun facts and the interesting stories from Genghis Khan’s army!

You can find all of these books on our website in the past boxes section.

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We hope you make the most of this list and engage your child in reading different genres and many many books over time. Have an amazing reading experience and stay enchanted!

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