Online Design and Coding Classes for Kids – Learn, Create and Innovate with MindBox!

Online Design and Coding Classes for Kids – Learn, Create and Innovate with MindBox! Cover Image

Do you know that the world’s technology runs on Coding? That’s right, From simple machines we use at home to our cars, drones, robots and even our favourite websites! And let’s not forget about video games, apps and smart phones as well. Coding is everywhere and it is a great skill for the kids to pick up. So, how can they become proficient at coding that is revolutionizing every aspect of today’s world? Read on to find out.

Learning to code at a young age is a great opportunity for kids and teens in the 21st century. It builds logical thinking, enhances creativity, facilitates problem solving mindset and more. Coding motivates kids to become the ‘makers’ of technology while preparing them for countless job opportunities. Not only this, kids who learn to code also excel in subjects like Maths, Science and even reading. With so many services available in the market today, learning to code has never been easier! And at MindBox, their award-winning platform captivates young coders with its story-driven strategy that motivates them to complete more and more lessons.

“Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.”- Steve Jobs

What is MindBox? And why choose them?

MindBox is a creative education program which provides context-based experiential learning. Their programs include courses that are designed to teach children digital and creative thinking, visual communication along with technical and digital skills. MindBox’s curriculum is aligned to all boards including CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB & all state boards. Currently, the program gets delivered inside 50+ schools across India with a student outreach of over 100,000+ in Grades 1st -10th.

With the launch of the Direct 2 Home Learning Program, MindBox enables children with personalised interactive sessions that help them become proficient in the field they choose while experiencing these classes from the comfort of their homes.

With a strong focus on building competencies in children based on knowledge, skills, and attitudes, MindBox expects to not only touch millions of lives but to transform them as well.

What makes MindBox unique!

MindBox empowers students with the 21st century skills of Creativity, Collaboration, Critical thinking, Communication to name a few and inspires them to become innovators, collaborators, & problem-solvers. Their wide range of courses include interactive LIVE 1:1 personalized sessions with students which engages them into the learning process. These 1:1 sessions happen anytime and/ or anywhere and the students have ownership in their learning. What they learn, how they learn it and how their learning is assessed are all driven by each individual student.

In addition to all their programs, they offer Internships in professional industries to students. As well as conduct national level competitions, Design championships and support students to participate in other competitions as well.

Creative learning programs for kids at MindBox

MindBox has got some interesting Design and Coding Programs for kids that will help them develop their creative coding potential such as:


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All of MindBox’s programs are in line with the new National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and it is conducted by certified & experienced trainers who deliver interdisciplinary, learner-centric, experiential & holistic learning that develops creative confidence, coding confidence & creative potential for kids.

So, parents, start your child’s coding journey with MindBox. Explore their programs, register and book your kids a free trial class!

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