Mr.Biscuit: A Deliciously Creative DIY Toy Train

Mr.Biscuit: A Deliciously Creative DIY Toy Train Cover Image

Creativity is all about experimenting with ordinary stuffs to make something new and have fun while doing so. Keep your little minds engaged with lots of ideas to help them come up with their imagination. This would also help in building their cognitive, creative and fine motor skills. Start working with small things which are easily available, not expensive and can be used once done.

I would like to share one such fun activity we did using an everyday item – biscuits. We made a Toy train! And trust me it was fun…though a little tricky, but then there is no excitement without a hurdle.

Let me take you through the steps that you need to follow:

To make this toy train we used 32 Parle Biscuits, 4 Marie Biscuits, 18 Polos (the mint with a hole) and some gems to add in the color.  As glue we used warm sugar syrup.

Step 1: Start with making 16 pairs of biscuits; stick each pair with the sugar syrup. Keep it ready.

Step 2: Work on building the compartments or the passenger carriage. Each compartment will need 5 pairs of biscuits. We made three such carriages using 30 biscuits.

Step 3: Fix the Polo mints as wheels on both sides i.e. two each on either side of the compartments. We used 12 polo for three carriages.

Step 4: Join all the three compartments to each other.

Step 5: Stick 4 Marie biscuits with each other (using the sugar syrup) to make the face of the train. Add on funky polo eyes to it. Above the face fix a pile of 4 polo chocolate (stuck with each other) over it. This will give the look of a chimney.

Step 6: One pair of Parle biscuit will stand as the base for the Marie face.

Step 7: Now stick the face to its body and you are ready to flaunt your toy train. Put in some gems to add color to the train.

This activity is a must try as it allows our little ones to explore their imagination. After all, to bring joy and happiness with simple things is a lesson we have to imbibe in them. This toy train is definitely going to pick up a lot of cute little passengers from home and go for a choo-choo ride as it did at our place.

A few ideas to make the most of our Mr.Biscuit Toy Train:

  1. Plan a cute little role play or story making with your little ones using this train. You will enjoy watching them come up with their recital.
  2. Take party treats up a notch with this toy train by adding a topper of the planned theme.
  3. Get creative and exhibit it during guest visits. This toy train can carry dry fruits on such days! The compliments will roll in!
  4. A lot of other furniture like a house, chair, little table etc. can be made with the same method. So, don’t limit your creativity!

Let the busy minds put their little hands to use. These are memories that are worth capturing, so, make the most of it!

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