DIY: Decorate your own dandiya sticks this Navratri

DIY: Decorate your own dandiya sticks this Navratri Cover Image

Dandiya sticks are used during the traditional folk dance of Raas Garba. Here’s a colourful way to make dandiya sticks at home, all by yourself.

There’s a special thrill when you can make dandiya sticks at home and carry those to your community raas garba during Navratri. Here’s an easy tutorial for you.

Step by step instructions for making your own personalised dandiya sticks at home this navrathri.

Step 1

  • Collect all the items needed for the your personalised dandiya sticks.
  • Use the flower wire to attach your decorative latkan to your dandiya sticks.
  • After attaching your decorative latkan to your dandiya sticks it will look like this.

Step 2

  • Use any colour tape to wrap your dandiya sticks, make sure you secure the latkan wire inside the coloured tape.
  • Wrap till one third of your stick is done.
  • Then attach the satan ribbon of your choice with one end of tape and continue wrapping.

Step 3

  • Attach another colour of the tape and secure the satan ribbon inside the tape. You can attach as many colour tapes as you wish to make it as colourful and beautiful as you desire.
  • At the end of the dandiya stick attach a coloured feather with the help of the coloured tape.
  • Glue small sequence on to the middle part of the dandiya sticks to create your own personalised designs.


Your beautiful dandiya sticks are ready to play!

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